Quick Tutorial: Make Working Prototype with ForeUI

ForeUI has the ability to create working prototype. A working prototype allow you to click on some elements or input content during the simulation, thus provides the real experience that very close to the final product.

Here's a short tutorial to help creating such a working prototype, it is very simple, even too simple to be regarded as a working prototype, yet the process to create such a prototype will cover all concerned aspects.

Let's create a menubar, when we select its first item ("File"), it will bring up a menu; when we choose another item, the menu will be hidden. You can check this demo to see what we are planning to do.

Now let's implement it step by step:

1) Drag a Menu Bar element into the plot

2) Drag a Menu element into the plot and set it invisible (so it will be hidden when start simulating)


3) Select the Menu Bar element, click the button with red flag icon to define its action.


4) In the popup window, click the "Add Event" button (on bottom left) and choose the "Selection Changed" event to handle.


5) Then you will see the event is added and selected like this:


6) You can click the "Add Flow Control" button (on bottom) and choose the "Conditional Branching" to add. This allow you to create different actions regarding to the condition.


7) Then you will see a popup window which allow you to edit the condition express:


8) You can click the "..." button to insert some properties provided by element. In this example, we need to check the selected item index of Menu Bar element, so we click the upper "..." button:

We can click the "Choose" button to pick an existing element, then select the property in the drop-down list, like this.

After clicking "Ok" we will return to the condition editor dialog.

9) We need to check if the selected item is the first item, so we can add the condition like this:

Click the "Ok" button to return to the action editing dialog.

10) Now we have this:

As you can see, there are two branches: "Yes" and "No", we can define different actions for them.

11) Select the "Yes" branch and click the "Add Action" button at the bottom and choose "Operate on Element..."


12) Now we can define how to treat with the Menu when the first Menu Bar item is selected.

We need to pick the element to operate on, choose the action from the list and then full fill the parameter for the action. Here is what we need in this case:

All right we can click "Ok" button and return to the action editor dialog.

13) We can select the "No" branch and define the action, let's hide menu at this time:


14) Finally we have a behavior tree like this:


15) Save the plot, and then click the "Run Simulation" button to run it. You should be able to get the same result with this demo.