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Accordion is a basic element, besides in the Hand Drawing theme, its appearance doesn't change for other UI themes.

UI Theme:

Hand Drawn

Other Themes




Accordion is a container element, each section of Accordion can accept elements.  You can drag element into Accordion's section with right mouse button hold or Ctrl key pressed.

Double clicking the Accordion can edit the titles for all sections.


Each row is for one section.  Adding more rows will add more sections into accordion as well.  Removing certain rows will also remove the corresponding sections.  If a section is removed from accordion and no other section can accept its embedded content, it will extract its embedded elements to plot before the deletion.

Accordion can accept images at its section headers.  You can drag image from Images Panel to Accordion's section header directly, thus you can change the icon for each section header.


Element Specific Facilities


1.Text formatting
2.Border color
3.Header background color
4.Header height ( in pixels )
5.Whether to allow multiple sections be expanded at a time
6.Placement of the icon in header (left or right)
7.Set icons for all collapsed sections
8.Set icons for all expended sections
9. Set padding for section area

Element Events

Element Clicked, Element Double-Clicked, Element Right-Clicked, Element Initialized, Element Hidden, Mouse Over, Mouse Out, Mouse Move, Mouse Down, Mouse Up, Key Down, Key Up, Custom Event, Section Expanded/Collapsed

Element Actions

Change Visibility, Change Location, Change Size, Set Section Title,Expand Accordion Section, Collapse Accordion Section (multi-expansion mode only)

Element Properties

Id, X Coordinate, Y Coordinate, Width, Height, Visible, Note

Accordion Section Count, Section Expand Flags, Index of First Expanded Section, Index of Section that is Recently Expanded, Index of Section that is Recently Collapsed, Section Titles as Array