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Arrow Line

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Arrow Line belongs to the "Annotation" category,  besides in the Hand Drawing theme, its appearance doesn't change for other UI themes.

UI Theme:

Hand Drawn

Other Themes


Arrow Line_hand

Arrow Line_o

Arrow Line can be used to present the relationship between elements.

Element Specific Facilities


1.Set arrow line direction
2.Set arc radian
3.Set line type
4.Set thickness (in pixels)
5.Show / hide the arrowhead on start point
6.Show / hide the arrowhead end point
7.8. Change the state of Arrow Line

Remarks: the "dashed" and "dotted" line types are not supported in simulation, and they will be rendered as solid line.

Element Events

Element Clicked, Element Double-Clicked, Element Right-Clicked, Element Initialized, Element Hidden, Mouse Over, Mouse Out, Mouse Move, Mouse Down, Mouse Up, Key Down, Key Up, Custom Event

Element Actions

Change Visibility, Change Location, Change Size

Element Properties

Id, X Coordinate, Y Coordinate, Width, Height, Visible, Note