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Download More ForeUI Resources

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ForeUI has integrated with ForeUI store (, which allows you to easily download more resources from the software.  Here the resource means the sample plots, custom elements and custom element libraries.  You will be able to download UI theme and plugin for ForeUI in the future.

You can click the "ForeUI Store" button in the Welcome Page to open the ForeUI Store Window.


Or you can click the download_resource_button button in the bottom toolbar of Elements Panel to open it.

The ForeUI store window looks like this:


You can preview the resource by clicking on the resource_preview_button button, which will launch the preview in your default web browser.

Clicking on the resource_download_button button will download the resource automatically.  The resource will be deployed automatically if needed.

More details about how to use ForeUI Store Window can be found here.

You can also download the resource from ForeUI store  ( via web browser.