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Element Reference

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Element reference is a new concept introduced since V3.0.  There is a special element named "Reference", which can emulate any element's look and behavior.  After specifying the target element to emulate, the Reference element becomes an element reference.

You can find the "Reference" element in the elements pane, and add it into your page.  It looks like:


The question mark indicates it has no reference target yet.  You can specify its target from the tools panel.


After specifying the target element, the Reference element will emulate the look of target element.

The Reference element is just a reference of the target element.  Resizing the Reference element will not affect the target element.

Remarks: the Reference element can not use itself as the target element.


You select a TextBox element as the target (original) element, then you will see:


They look totally the same.  But wait, it is not a static clone, when you modify the content of the original element, the reference element will change its content accordingly.  What’s more, you can move or resize the reference element as you need, without affecting the original element!


A Fancy Demo:

It is possible to put the original element and its reference together in the same page.  When running the simulation, you will see their status and behavior are auto synchronized.