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Export Plot to HTML5

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Export HTML5 via GUI

To export your plot as HTML5, just click the "Export HTML5" button in the toolbar or click menu "File->Export HTML5".


Then you need to specify the target directory to store the HTML5. If you input a directory that does not exist, the directory will be created automatically.

The target directory will contain three folders and an "index.htm" file. You can load the "index.htm" file in your web browser after the export, that equals to run HTML5 simulation in your web browser.

You can also upload the exported directory to your web site, thus all visitors can review your prototype.

Remarks: if you just want to run HTML5 simulation, you can click the "Run Simulation" button in the toolbar.

Export HTML5 via Command Line:

If you want to perform the HTML5 export silently in the background, without showing the GUI, you can use the command below:

executable plotFilePath -Export:HTML5 targetDirectoryPath

The executable will be "launch.bat" in Windows system, or "sh" in other platforms. The parameters in red are required, so all parameters are mandatory.

Remarks: please run the command in ForeUI's install directory.

Here is an example in Windows system:

launch.bat  c:\plots\test.4ui  -Export:HTML5  c:\simulations\test

And here is another example in Linux system:

sh  /User/me/plots/test.4ui  -Export:HTML5  /User/me/simulations/test