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What can ForeUI Do?

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Welcome to use ForeUI!  If you are new to ForeUI, please read this section first to understand what can ForeUI do for you.

Briefly speaking, ForeUI is a powerful tool to create static or interactive prototype for software/website.  The prototype created with ForeUI can be rendered with various UI themes, and represent different fidelities of your design.  You can export your prototype as image files, PDF document or HTML5 simulation.  The exported files could be used in design review, idea discussion, product documentation and usability testing etc.

Many organizations and individuals are using ForeUI as their UI/UX/interaction design tool.  The document or simulation generated by ForeUI can ease the review on design, and significantly improve the design at very early phase of the project.


Create UI/Screen Mockup
Design Interaction
Run HTML5 Simulation in Web Browser
Demonstrate Idea as Slideshow
Export Prototype to Other Formats