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ForeUI Store Window

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ForeUI is integrated with its online resource store (  You will be able to download new resources (plot, custom element, library etc) from ForeUI store.  You can open the ForeUI store window by clicking the foreui_store_button button on welcome page, or by clicking the download_resource_button button in the bottom toolbar of elements panel.

The ForeUI store window looks like this:


On top of the window, there are some filter buttons.  You can list certain type of resources (all resources will be listed by default).  On the top right corner, there is a filter box,  inputting the tag can filter the resources as well.

For each listed resource, you can click the preview_item_button button to run simulation in your default web browser, or you can click the download_item_button button to download and deploy the resource (if needed).

You can click the "Previous Page" or "Next Page" button to switch the current page of resources.  You can also use the drop-down list to choose the page to show.