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Get JSON Object

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This action allows the HTML simulation to get JSON object from remote server via JSONP API, and store the JSON data to an object type property.  That means ForeUI simulation can actually integrate with other web service via JSONP APIs, and we can even create some web apps with ForeUI!


When you add this action, you will be asked to provide some parameters, as shown below:


You will need to input the JSON or JSONP API here, and specify the name of property that will store the returned JSON data (as an object).  There is an optional parameter that allows you to specify the custom event to trigger, when there is any error happened.

You should also set a timeout for the action.  In case the remote server does not response in certain seconds, the custom event for error processing will also be triggered.

Remarks: if you input a JSON API here, you will need to use a JSONP proxy to make it work. Your HTML5 simulation must have internet access to access the proxy server.

You can find the detailed example for the usage of this action in this blog post.