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GUI Introduction

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When you launch ForeUI, you will see the welcome page at the middle of the GUI, like this:


In the welcome page, you can open any plot that recently loaded, or you can just create a new plot by clicking the "New Plot" button.  You will then see the plot content be shown in the GUI:


There are 4 toolbars on left, top, right and bottom side of main window.

Top Toolbar

The top toolbar provides buttons to launch some frequently used features.


File Manage
Project Export
Snap Modes

Left Toolbar

left_toolbarThe left toolbar contains the buttons to show/hide these functional panels.

Element Panel
Images Panel
outline Panel
Search Panel

Right Toolbar

right_toolbar The right toolbar contains the buttons to show/hide these functional panels:

Tools Panel
Custom Property Panel
System Property Panel

Bottom Toolbar

The bottom toolbar provides buttons for page management, behavior definition, UI theme configuration, zooming and plot settings.


Page Management
Behavior Definition
UI Theme Configuration
Plot Settings


Remarks: if you run ForeUI in Mac OS X, the menu bar will not be displayed and all menus will be moved to the system menu bar.

Remarks: if the window is not wide enough, the toolbar will become scrollable and you can scroll it with the arrow buttons at two ends. As shown below: