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Html is a basic element that can allows you to embed raw HTML code into the simulation.

You can find the "Html" element in the elements pane, and add it into your page.  It looks like:


Different than other elements, Html element is not visible in HTML5 simulation and exported image/PDF, instead it inserts its content (HTML code) into the HTML5 simulation.  Here is an example of Html content:


When you export your plot into HTML5 simulation, the DIV with "good" id will be included in the simulation as well.  The actual location of the inserted code depends on the location of the Html element.  If the Html element is embedded into a cell of a Table element, the inserted code will appear within the <td> tag in the table.

Remarks: Embedding inappropriate HTML code into your plot may get unexpected result in the HTML5 simulation. It is better not to do so, unless you have to, and you really know what you are doing.