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Images Panel

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Images panel is a place to manage the images used in your plot.  You can click the "Images" button on the left toolbar, or press Ctrl+I  (Command+I in Mac OS)  to show/hide the images panel.


All used images will be listed in this panel.  One image can be used by multiple elements, you can find more details about this in "Image and Image Reference" concept description.

Display Image Details

You can single click the image button to display its details in a popup menu.  Here you will see the size and number of references for the image.


You can also select the "Gray Scale" option to convert it to a grayscale image (all image reference will become grayscale as well).


Add Image into Panel

If you specify the image in any element, the image will be added into this panel automatically.  Meanwhile you can add an image before using it by clicking the add_image_button button.  After clicking the button, a menu will popup and you can choose image from file system or predefined icon library.  As shown below:


Change Image References

In the Images panel, you can change all references from one image to another via the change_image_ref_button button.  After clicking the button, you will see the window below:


You can choose the target image from the drop down list.  After clicking the "Ok" button, you will see all image references for img0 (blue) are now reference to img1 (green).



Delete Image

You can delete the image in the panel by clicking the delete_image_button button.  Please keep in mind that it will affect all elements that use the image.  If you delete an image by mistake, you can revert it by clicking undo button (or press Ctrl + Z).

Optimize Image Usage

If you have some duplicated images in the panel, or there are some unused images in the panel, you can optimize these by clicking the optimize_image_button button.  After clicking on the button, you will see the window below.


Here you can decide whether to remove the duplicated images and/or unused images.  Clicking the "Optimize" button will start the optimization and you will see the logging information in the message view.

Put Image into Element

You can put image into element via the tools panel.  For elements that support images, usually you will see the set_image_button button in the tools panel, clicking the button will popup a menu for you to choose image from file, images panel, or icon library.

You can also drag image from the Images panel into the editing area directly.  Dragging image to an empty area will create the ImageBox element automatically.


Dragging image into element that can accept image will insert the image into the element automatically.