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Manage Pages

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When you create a new mockup or prototype, it has one page by default.  You can add more pages via the page manage view. You can click the page manage button at the bottom toolbar to open the page manage view:


The page manage view looks like this:


The page manage view can be separated into two sub-views (left and right).  The tree view on the left allow you to create new page or folder, duplicate the selected page, move up / move down / delete the selected page (or folder).  You can also drag and drop page or folder to make it nested in another page / folder. The panel on the right shows the detailed information about the select page / folder. You can change the title, assign the master page or input the page note for the selected page.

Create New Page

To create new page, just click the create_page_button button in the bottom left toolbar. The newly created page will be titled as "Page?" where ? is a number. You can rename the page title on the right view.

After creating a new page, the current editing page will be switched to the newly created page automatically.

Switch Current Editing Page

You can switch the current editing page by clicking the items on the left tree view, or click the prev_page_button and next_page_button buttons on the bottom toolbar to switch the current editing page.

Duplicate Page

You can duplicate the current page by clicking the duplicate_page_button button. All content within the page will be duplicated and the new page will be selected automatically.

Create Folder

You can create folder by clicking the create_folder_button button. The newly created folder will be named as "Folder?" where ? is a number. You can rename the folder on the right view.

Here you can also set the folder to be excluded from the export and simulation. Once this option is selected, all pages under this folder (and its child node) will not be included in the image/PDF/HTML5 exporting. Such a folder will be useful to store master pages or other pages that do not want to be exported.

Remarks: Once a folder is excluded, all its child folders will be excluded automatically.


Organize Page Tree Structure

You can drag and drop the item within the tree view and place it under other page or folder, thus you can get a "site map". You can also move the selected item upper or lower by clicking the move_up_page_button and move_down_page_button buttons.


Delete Page / Folder

You can delete the current selected page or folder by clicking the delete_page_button button.

Add Attachment to Plot

You can click attach_file button to add files into the plot as attachment, which will be exported to HTML5 simulation as well.

Specify Master Page

You can specify the master page for current editing page in the right view.  One page can have only one master page, but the master page itself can have its own master page...  So multilevel content inherit will be possible.  To lean more details about master page, please read "Use Master Page" section.