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Merge Multiple Plots

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If you are a team and the members are working on different parts of the design, you may want to merge your work in the future.  From ForeUI V3.1, there is an "import plot" feature, which will help you to merge multiple plots into one.

Open the "File" menu you will see the "Import Plot..." option, this option will be enabled if you have opened at least one plot for editing.


This option allows you to choose another plot to import into the current editing plot.  After specifying the plot, you can decide how to add the new pages into the current editing plot.


If the chosen plot has different size than the current editing plot, you can also specify how to align the new pages with the current existing pages.


After clicking the "Ok" button, the plot will be imported and you will get notification when it is done.


If you need to merge more plots, just repeat the steps and you will get all of them merged into the current editing plot.  When you are working as a team, you don't have to define a convention for naming of elements, since the plot importing feature will take care of the naming of elements, usage of images and the behavior definition.