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Page Manage View

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ForeUI supports multipage prototyping, so each plot can have as many pages as you need.  To open the page manage window, please click the corresponding button at the bottom toolbar, or press Ctrl + P (Command + P in Mac OS):


The page manage window looks like this:


This view is separated to two panels. The tree view on the left allows you to manipulate the pages or folder with the buttons in toolbar:

create_page_button Create a new blank page.

duplicate_page_button Duplicate the current selected page.

create_folder_button Create new folder (to hold pages).

attach_file Attach file(s) to the plot (will be included in HTML5 simulation).

move_up_page_button Move the current selected page up.

move_down_page_button Move the current selected page down.

delete_page_button Delete the current selected page.

You can also drag and drop page or folder to make it nested into another page / folder.

drag_page_into_folder       page_in_folder

The panel on the right shows the detailed information about the select page / folder. You can change the title, assign the master page and input the page note for the select page.


You can select any other page as the master page for the current page.  Thus your current page will inherit the content from its master page.  You can find more details about this in the master page section.

When you select a folder in the tree view, you can rename it on the right panel. Also you can exclude it from the export and simulation, that means the pages under the folder (and its sub folder) will not be exported. In the example below, the "Master Pages" folder is to store master pages used by other pages, the folder is excluded from export and simulation since the master pages are used as page template, they are not completed pages.