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Run HTML5 Simulation in Web Browser

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With ForeUI you can export your prototype to HTML5, which can be loaded as interactive simulation in your web browser. To  run the simulation directly in your default web browser, just click the "Run Simulation" button on the right-top corner:


You can also launch the simulation from menu "Prototype->Run Simulation".

So far these browsers are supported: IE, FireFox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.  Chrome browser is the best choice for running ForeUI simulation since it has better loading speed and well-support on HTML5 behaviors.

Remarks: If you are using IE, you many need to do the following settings to avoid the simulation to be blocked.

1.Select "Internet Options" menu item in IE.
2.Choose the "Advanced" tab in the popup window.
3.Check the "Allow active content to run in files in My Computer" checkbox.
4.Close all IE windows and then try running simulation.