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Scrollable Container

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Scrollable Container belongs to the "Widgets" category and it has different look in various UI themes.

UI Theme:

Hand Drawn

Wire Frame

Windows XP


Window 7


Scrollable Container_hand

Scrollable Container_wire

Scrollable Container_XP

Scrollable Container_Mac

Scrollable Container_Win7

Scrollable Container is a container element that can place other elements into its scrolling view.  You content will really become scrollable when you launch the HTML5 simulation.

Element Specific Facilities

Scrollable Container_facilities

1.Show/hide border
2.Border color
3.Border width (in pixels)
4.Show/hide horizontal scroll bar
5.Show/hide vertical scroll bar
6.Set paddings of scrolling view
7.8. Set scrollable container state

Element Events

Element Clicked, Element Double-Clicked, Element Right-Clicked, Element Initialized, Element Hidden, Mouse Over, Mouse Out, Mouse Move, Mouse Down, Mouse Up, Key Down, Key Up, Custom Event

Element Actions

Change Visibility, Change Location, Change Size

Element Properties

Id, X Coordinate, Y Coordinate, Width, Height, Visible, Note