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Use Custom Element

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ForeUI provides many predefined elements for creating your prototyping.  However you may still need more elements when working on actual project.  In this case, you can create your own element with the predefined elements, and save it for future usage.  The customized elements can also have their own behavior, that means you can create some functional elements, which will be really useful.

Create Custom Element

To create a custom element, just select the content that you want to pack as custom element in the Plot Editing Area, then click the pack_fce_button button in the Tools Panel, or the pack_fce_button button in bottom toolbar of the Elements Panel.


Then you will see this window:


Here you can input the basic information of the custom element.

File Name: the name of the custom element.  You can find the saved .fce file in "<UserDir>/.foreui/customize" directory.
Element Title: this title will be displayed in element button (big button) or tool tip (small button).
Author: the author of the element (you).
Description: describe this element.
Tags: the tags input here will become the keywords of this element, and you can use the tag to find your element quickly.

After clicking the "Ok" button, your custom element will be created and listed in your Elements Panel, and you can use it like other elements.


If you move your mouse cursor over the element button for custom element, you will see three small buttons:


custom_elem_delete_button button can remove the custom element from the panel, but will NOT delete the .fce file.

custom_element_info_button button can view/edit the basic information of the custom element.

custom_elem_edit_button button can open the .fce file and edit its content in plot editing area.

Load Custom Element into Panel

If you removed the custom element and want to load it back to the panel, just click the load_fce_fcl_button button in the bottom toolbar of elements panel and choose the .fce file to load.

If you get some .fce files from others, you can load them into your elements panel with the same way.

Download Custom Elements

You can download more custom elements from ForeUI Store by clicking the download_resource_button button in the bottom toolbar of elements panel.

Export .fce File

If you have your custom element in your elements panel and want to share it with others, you can click the pack_elements_button button in the bottom toolbar of elements panel.  You can then select your element and click the "Pack as .fce file" button, and export it to any location.