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Welcome Page

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The welcome page will be displayed in the middle of the GUI when you launch ForeUI application.  It provides some shortcuts to access some frequently used operations.  The welcome page looks like this:


new_plot_button will create a new blank plot.

load_plot_button will ask you to choose a plot file to load for editing.

foreui_store_button_wp will open the ForeUI Store window, which allows you to download new ForeUI resources (plot, custom element, library etc.).

buy_button will open the web page for you to order ForeUI license.  This button will not show up if your ForeUI is activated.

activate_button will display a window that accept your ForeUI license key and activate ForeUI software.  This button will not show up if your ForeUI has been activated already.

help_button will open online document of ForeUI in your default web browser.


If you select the "Don't show welcome page again" option at the bottom of the welcome page, the welcome page will not be displayed next time.  You can enable welcome page again in the settings window.