I have a page with a popup. The page has a behaviour (OnPageLoaded) to increase the value of a ProgressBar named Progressbar_1.

I duplicated this page. The behaviour of the new page is correct, but now the

behaviour of the original page contains Progressbar_2 instead of Progressbar_1.


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Additional info. Only some are replaced:

Loop 11 Times (interval=1000ms)

Branch according to “{ProgressBar_1.currentValue}”

Case 0

Set “ProgressBar_2” value to 1

Change “TextBox_3” text to “…”

Case 1

Set “ProgressBar_2” value to 2

Change “TextBox_3” text to “…”

The switch condition is still correct, but the actions are wrong.



Hello Andre,

Thanks for reporting this. We confirm it is a bug, and will have it fixed in next version.


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