Resize bug in V2.17 & V2.20 cause object boundaries to change exiting edit mode

A resize command is messing up the object x,y size (boundary corners) when leaving edit mode on any object. Watch the screen video I made of this happening –

This is present in V2.17 & the new V2.20 I downloaded on 4/12. Please fix ASAP.

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Hi kennethervinyoung,

I think it is not a bug, it should be the “Auto Resizing” feature, which can be disabled in the settings window:

BTW, if you leave this option turned on, you can still use Ctrl+Z to undo the auto resizing just after the content editing.

  1. Xavier,
    I agree that my bug report was incorrect. This excellent "feature" I would suggest to be "unchecked" as the default as resizing an object to a different size "automatically" when editing would not be a feature many would use that often. Thank you for your prompt and courteous reply.

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