Hello, ForeUI gets extremly slow with fairly complex and middle sized projects – at least this is my experience.

At the moment it is a click and wait-for-a-very-long time when saving it or running a simulation.

But very often i do not need the whole project to be built, but only to check/simulate elements of the actual page i am working on.

I don’t know if it is possible – but it would be helpful if there would be a “simulation of this page only” export button. Where all Events belonging to the page are simulated and if any event leads/refers to external pages or elements, there could be a window/warning/whatever saying: “external reference, please run whole simulation for checking”

It would speed up my work veeeeery much.


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In addition to that idea: Is there any solution how to speed up ForeUI on an Apple/Mac System? (solutions for other systems are welcome, too 😉

My plot has now a size of 414 kb, it does not seem too large for my opinion?


Hi Seb, if you don’t use some big image files, a plot with size 414 KB size can be quite complex. If your prototype has more than 25 pages, it is better to split it to two or more plots.

It is not possible to just simulate a single page with ForeUI, because ForeUI regards the entire plot as a single context, and some important resources may be stored in other pages. So all pages have to be loaded when you run the simulation. However if you really want to simulate a single page and ignore any possible error, you can copy everything in the page (Cmd+A, Cmd+V) and paste it to a blank new plot, and then run the simulation on the new plot.

If the plot has many pages and elements, ForeUI may become slow. We already notice this and will continue optimizing the application performance. Thanks for the idea.



Please can I ask the best way to split one plot into two? How do you reference one plot from the other? Is this related to the ‘import plot’ feature, or is that different?



  1. Hi Katy, at the time being you will need to copy/paste page by page. The "import plot" feature is to merge two plots into one. Maybe we should consider a "split" feature.

    There is no direct way to reference one plot from other. However it is possible to use a iFrame element to load the simulation of another plot.

Hi Vivi, due to the slowliness-issue we had to switch to another mockup-programm in order to keep our time-schedule.

However Fore-UI is very sophisticated and if some of the contemporary problems are fixed it will be very helpful in other projects.

At the moment it would be great, if the recommondation: “Split large projects in trunks of say 25 pages maximum” would be clear communicated to new customers/testers.

This could help choosing the best way for setting up projects from the very beginning and get the best results with fore UI.


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