The reference element would be very useful in actions if there would be a possibility to do some stringwork with the target name. For example, to fill the text of a bunch of subsequent numbered hyperlinks (HyperLink_1, HyperLink_2, … etc.) with data from a table from subsequent rows or columns (1, 2, … etc.), because just now I am forced to write a switching branch for all the hyperlinks – not the best, but for now, I think, the only way to deal with such task.

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Hi Aurel, thanks for the suggestion.

Actually the reference element is designed to provide a “one modal, multiple views” solution. The reference element is just a read-only view of the original element, it could not modify the original element.

I can imagine how helpful it will be if the reference element could be used as a “pointer” of element. But we prefer to provide this possibility without involving any visual element. In the future, maybe ForeUI can provide more facilities in behavior editor to make that happens.


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