Window element fails to open more than once. Starting with a new project and page #1, add a window element. Add a button to the first page to load a second page Page #2. Page #2 is setup as a blank page utilizing Page#1 as a master. On Page#2 a new window element is added with a couple of simple controls for testing taking into account the zorder of at least 900 to ensure proper overlay over master controls. The window element on Page #2 is given a click even to return to Page#1 upon single click. Simulating a pop-up window and the close of that window. Run the simulation, and the first time the button is press on Page#1 to invoke Page#2 the simulation appears fine. Close the page #2 returning to page #1. Again attempt to invoke the button on page #1 to load Page#2 and from that point forward without reloading the simulation the Page#2 will not load. Both IE and Chrome have been tested thus far. confirmed on at least v2.40 and v2.42.

If I am doing something incorrectly please advise.

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Hi John,

The Window element has a default behavior: hide the window if you click the “close” button on the window corner. So you will need to set the window visible again before going back to page#1, otherwise you can not see the window again when you come back to page#2.

The figure below shows the details:


Thank you, now working perfectly after setting the visible property.


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