UI Themes

What is UI Theme?

All mockups created with ForeUI are skinnable. UI theme is the skin of the mockup, you can switch the UI theme at any time, thus the style of mockup will be changed accordingly. You can change the UI theme in the bottom tool bar:

Available UI Themes

So far ForeUI support 5 UI themes: Hand Drawing, Wireframe, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Windows 7. Here are screenshots for them:

Hand Drawing Theme

Hand Drawing UI Theme

Wireframe Theme

Wireframe UI Theme

Windows XP Theme

Windows XP UI Theme

Mac OS X Theme

Mac OS X UI Theme

Windows 7 Theme

Windows 7 UI Theme

Wireframe (Mockup) Fidelity

It is an important concept in the design of ForeUI, the wireframes in ForeUI are actually fidelity independent. Since we make the wireframes skinnable, we can choose various UI theme to render the wireframes, with different fidelities.

Here is a table that group the UI themes in ForeUI with fidelity categories:

Fidelity Category

UI Theme


Hand Drawing




Windows XP

Mac OS X

Windows 7