I noticed that 1.45 now shows flag icons to indicate elements that have actions and interactivity associated with them. This is great.

However, it would be an even more useful feature to allow these indicators to appear (as a preference) in the simulation mode and when doing an DHTML export. This way, users interacting with the plot can have visual cues as to which elements in the plot can be interacted with.

Does this make sense?

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Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

We do considered this before. In my opinion, the users that interacting the plot in simulation mode are not familiar with the red flag and they will not be sure what to do when facing several widgets with red flag in the browser.

I think the better way is to give user a tip, such as puting a postit note or balloon to suggest user to perform the next action.

On the other hand, if we want to collect feedback for the UI design, interactive prototype without any tips may be more suitable. If user complain that he can not make it work, we may need to improve the UI design.



I understand that the flag icon may not be the best choice to indicate interactivity so a note icon or tool tip would probably work better.


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