I’ve made a mock-up, and I’ve made a copy of Page 1, so I have Page 1 and Page 2. They are compeletely the same.

My problem appears in Simulation, as Page 2 is really messed up, see the attached image.

A table is dublicated, and the labels are written in a font much too large. Apparently they have adopted the size of the title text in the top of the prototype.

The file can be downloaded here:…

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I forgot the image:


Thanks, we already discovered this bug and fixed it internally today, yet we can not release the fixing right now, so please wait for the next release, sorry for the inconvenient.

Here is the short description of this bug:
[Bug_0088] Duplicated page may have repeated element ids for same kind of elements.

The problem is the id allocating, the duplicated page does not allocate the id correctly.


Oh… do you have a date for the next release? I’d really like to use ForeUI for a usability-test in the end of the month, and I need to build the prototypes during the next two weeks.


If you need the fixing right now, you can send a mail to, we can send you an unofficial patching file 🙂


Hi, we’ve sent you the patching file 4 days ago, have you received it?


Yes, now I have. For some reason I didn’t get your first mail.

I’ve followed your instructions, and apparently it has solved the problem.



This is reported as Bug_0088 and fixed in V1.57.


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