I am a regular ForeUI user and I’m quite happy with it !

I just upgraded to the latest version (V3.10 SP1) and I feel a little bit upset about new “defined behavior” list behavior.

Now when I open behavior list, all elements and pages are listed (more than 2’000 concerning the plot I’m working on) which could be useful, except that behavior list doesn’t focus on specific element code when I click and select an element in the plot (CF attached picture).

I think this feature was implemented in older version, which was very useful and productive, especially when you work with a large number of behaviors on various elements and pages.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards.

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Hello Raphael,

The feature you mentioned is still there. Maybe you just turned it off unintentionally. In your screen shot I can see the button on the right of toolbar. It is actually a toggle button, and you can click on it again to turn on the feature you mentioned, then you will see the button becomes

This is named “Filter Behavior” feature, and you can find more details about this feature in…


Hi ViVi,

Thank you for your prompt reply.

Sure, I turned it off unintentionally…

My bad, sorry ! 🙂

Thank you for your great help.

Best regards.


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