How do I create an action so that a specific selection from a combo box changes the visibilty of a second combo box?


ComboBox_CarType (Visible)

Select a vehicle type:






ComboBox_Suv (Hidden)

Select a make:






The action I’m trying to create is:

– If user selects SUV (from ComboBox_CarType)

set ComboBox_Suv to visible

obviously, I have a ton of other combo boxes for which i need to have similar interaction .. but, once i know how to do one, i can do them all

i have figured out how to change the visiblity once “any” selection is made, but i can’t do it based on a single selection. I do see in the Action editor that it is possible to add Conditional Branching using the Index of the selected item, but for the life of me, i don’t see how, or where to assign the index for each item in the list ..

please help 🙂

by the way, this tool is awesome .. i have 7 days left in the trial .. will probably buy it if i can get this kind of interaction

(i have another question related to this, but i’ll start another thread, depending on the outcome of this one)


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Hi Jeremy,

The index of the item is natural number starting from 1. So the first item will have the index=1, the second item will have index=2 …

So you can make your conditional branching like this:

However you have more than 2 items in each ComboBox, it is better to use the Switch Branching:

  1. Fantastic! I was looking for a way to customize the name for each item, but that would be overkill .. so, simple index order is perfect for what I need .. wow ..this software is pretty amazing .. i'm going to demo it to my team and try to get a few licences for our department .. great work!

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