Hello, i browsed a lot but could not find an answer yet:

There can be made a note for every element (and action) this is useful for developement and programming, but:

1) how can i show this note in demo mode? Show, or include in a text- or post-it or ballon-element? best would be by mouse over on specific element.

2) what would be an elegant way to get the following behaviour in demonstration mode:

i want to click one checkbox (let’s call it: “CheckNoteVis”) (or similar) on Start-page or general masterpage to decide if these notes/postits/ballons shall be generally shown or not on all the pages.

my general ideas:

a) every note/postit/balloon on all pages checks if “CheckNoteVis” on Page 1 is checked, only then the elements’ notes become visible on mouseover.

b) simple solution: “CheckNoteVis” steers the visibility of a rectangle on a level on top. This is in a specified area, all notes are placed in the same area on a lower level.

So mouse-over would always show all notes in a ballon (as hopefully solved in question 1) but it becomes invisible when there is a solid white or black rectangle element above it.

Hope ideas are described clear enough. If there are any easier solutions or similar solutions already discussed, please show me where.


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Hi Seb,

For the first question, there is an element property that stores the note content. You can use this element property like this:

In next delivery (V3.2), there will be a new “tool tip” field for all elements, if you have if filled, the content will be displayed as tooltip, when you hover mouse on the element.

However the tooltip of element can not be disabled by action, so it is not suitable for your case, if you want to show/hide tooltip according to certain condition.

In your case, the best bet is to create your own tooltip (using balloon or text box), and show/hide them. This is quite close to your idea a)


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