Wow, I’ve been demoing this product for several days, and I’m still blown away with all of its features.

I’m going to pitch this to my company to try to get some licenses, and I’ve built some basic simulations of my own, but I was hoping there are some of you in this user community who have built some very complex interactive prototypes? Would anyone be willing to share the plots with me (and the rest of the community?)

ForeUI is so powerful, it will sell itself, but I’d like to give a quick 5 minute presentation to my team that will show the more complex things that are possible. I just don’t have time to do that before my trial version runs out. 🙂

The count-down timer is cool .. are there any others?


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Hi Jeremy, maybe you can take a look at the “Blog.4ui” and “WebStore.4ui” plots. They are placed under the “plot” folder under the install directory.

As I know many users have created quite complex plots with ForeUI. However those plots are usually for business purpose. I guess that’s the reason for the lack of shared plots in the community.


I really enjoy prototyping with ForeUI, specially for the flexibility to define interaction.

I’ve just submitted a plot for my incoming freeware (an anti-virus tool). But it is still under moderation yet.


Hi JustinM, that’s a good one, it is published now.


JustinM . thanks for sharing! very cool !!

has anyone tried simulating “suckerfish” style menus?


As for the menu simulation, you can take a look at

Its 4.ui file is included in…


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