I love ForeUI, but as an OSX user I constantly walk into things that feel “not right” in the interface. Just a list of things that I walk into is:

Keyboard shortcuts:

Those are the most “annoying” because you press a button expecting something to happen, and then nothing or something unexpected happens. On OSX, Cmd-W is the normal shortcut for closing a window. I would expect it to close the current plot. Instead, it starts a slideshow. A more logical choice would be Alt-Cmd-Y (see There are more suspicious keyboard shortcuts, like Cmd-Y for redo, which I would expect to be Shift-Cmd-Z. “Save as…” is Shift-Cmd-S. The exit menu option would normally be called “Quit ForeUI” and has shortcut Cmd-Q. I guess it would need some research to get the complete list.

The preferences can currently be set in a dialog called “Preferences…” below the “Advanced” menu now. On OSX, the standard is to do that in a menu option called “Preferences…” below the application menu (ForeUI) with shortcut key Cmd-,

The “About ForeUI” option is normally the first option below the application menu, not a separate menu.

“Check for update…” is normally also located below the application menu I think, although I’m not sure if that’s like a “written rule”.

The help menu is normally the last one.

Oh, and bonus remark and having nothing to do, if you check for updates you get the message “Your software is up to date, you can check latter :-)”. It’s “later”, not latter.

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Hi Remco, thanks for the useful suggestions!

We have to admit our lack of experience on OSX usage. So your suggestions are really useful for us to improve ForeUI in Mac OS.

If you have more similar points, please append them in this thread, we will follow up and continue improving ForeUI in Mac. Thanks.

BTW, thanks for correcting the misspelling of “latter” 🙂


Xavier, thanks for explaining the situation. I’ll try to update this thread with things I notice, I’m glad you are willing to improve the OSX experience and have no problem trying to do a little extra in order to help that happening.


We’ve made some enhancements in V2.17


Really great to see you’re picking up on this Xavier. It already feels much better!

I think a great addition would be Cmd-W for “Close plot”.

B.t.w., the spelling error I mention above when checking for updates is still there 😉

If I notice more things that feel strange OSX-wise I’ll let you know.

  1. Thanks, we will fix the misspell later ;-)

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