Mac-version should have a stub-launcher so the application can be placed on the Dock.

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It is true that ForeUI doesn’t look like a Mac application yet, we need to polish it and make it look more native in Mac. Thanks for the suggestion! We’ve put it into the list.


thank you for this amazing app. I already throw away all this Balsamiqs and Omniwhatever…

Anyway…I’m on mac and i have to use CTRL instead of CMD. Please fix this bug or I will jump out of the window.



Hi Cubicula,

We are happy that you like ForeUI. We already plan a update for improve the experience in Mac, it will include:

1. Put the menu in the system menu bar
2. Support backspace key to delete object
3. Replace CTRL hotkey with CMD

This update is coming soon 🙂


These enhancements are done in V1.40 🙂


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