I’ve added a “Tabs” element to my prototype.

1. I run the simulation

2. I move the mouse over the window containing the tabs, and now the cursor changes to the hand cursor.

I would (maybe) expect the cursor to change, when I move the mouse over the tab header, but not when I move the mouse over the tab in general.

Is there some reason for this, that I haven’t thought of?

(Actually in Windows apps, the cursor does not change when moving the mouse over a tab header. Maybe it does in web apps?)

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During the simulation, the whole element will have only one type of cursor, we choose hand cursor in order to suggest that the tabs are clickable.

There is a workaround for this: you can put a transparent rectangle (without border) in the tabs, cover the whole tabs except the header, then you will see the cursor only change when you move mouse over the header.

  1. What I'm seeing is slightly different: Because of the complex layout I'm using, I only get the Hand in part of the tabbed panel. But thanks for that tip, Xavier.
    (Now I'm going to post my kwetch!)

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