When creating action onClick->goToPage user can select by pages names. But link remmember only page number which depends on page position in page list window. Example: I have 3 pages: page1



and i add actions: some element on page1 cliked -> goToPage(3). And if i want add new page: page4 between pages: page1 and page2:





My action is broken coz some element on page1 cliked -> goToPage(3) directs now to page2.

Its really annoying with bigger projects where is need to remodel some parts…

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Yes that’s a problem, we must do something to improve it…

So far I can image two possible solutions:
1. when page order changed, we auto update the target page index for the action.
2. as you mentioned, we can use internal page id instead of the index.

We will consider more cases and than make the decision, thank you for the suggestion 🙂


Thanks for reply


It is implemented in V1.45


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