ForeUI is an easy-to-use UI prototyping tool, designed to create mockup / wireframe / prototypes for any application or website you have in mind.

Update History of ForeUI

The update history of ForeUI is listed below, you can also read the details of update in our blog.

Version 5.00 SP1 [5.001] (2019-04-10)

Update for enhancement and bug fixings.

  • Enhancement: Holding SHIFT key to lock Line element to 0/45/90 degree.
  • Fixed Bug: Dragging custom element into editing area causes error in log (since V5.00).
  • Fixed Bug: Auxiliary line for dragging control point for Line or Bezier element isn't painted properly when zoom ratio is not 100%.
  • Fixed Bug: Can not run updater in Mac OS.

Version 5.00 [5.00] (2019-03-29)

Major update with new features and enhancements:

  • New Feature: Newly added Bezier Curve element.
  • New Feature: Html/Script/Css element editor supports line number and syntax highlighting.
  • New Feature: Import CSV content into table element.
  • New Feature: When moving element, display location on its top-left corner.
  • Enhancement: Support Retina or HD display.
  • Enhancement: Line element can be easily adjusted by dragging any control point.
  • Enhancement: Allow allocating more memory from system.

Version 4.60 SP3 [4.603] (2018-04-14)

Update for bug fixings.

  • Fixed Bug_0514: Can not add new page when selecting the last page in folder.

Version 4.60 SP2 [4.602] (2018-04-03)

Update for bug fixings.

  • Fixed Bug_0513: Can not use DELETE key when editing text content in element (Since V4.60, in Windows only).

Version 4.60 SP1 [4.601] (2018-03-16)

Update for bug fixings.

  • Fixed Bug_0512: Can not use hotkey to delete element on V4.60.

Version 4.60 [4.60] (2018-03-13)

Update for new featues, enhancments and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Dynamically add/remove item into/from ComboBox element in simulation.
  • New Feature: Menu becomes interactive in edit mode.
  • New Feature: Menu Bar becomes interactive in edit mode.
  • New Feature: List becomes interactive in edit mode.
  • New Feature: Radio Button Group becomes interactive in edit mode.
  • Enhancment: Create new page under current seleced page, instead of appending to the end of list.
  • Fixed Bug_0508: HTML simulation will fail if string type custom property contains multirow content.
  • Fixed Bug_0509: Hotkey doesn't work in Windows system when focus is on undocked behavior editor.
  • Fixed Bug_0510: When editing table content, table cell's text color is not highlighted properly when the cell is selected.
  • Fixed Bug_0511: MultileveMenu doesn't repaint properly when interacting with it in edit mode.

Version 4.50 SP3 [4.503] (2017-09-14)

Update for bug fixings.

  • Fixed Bug_0506: After changing tab titles of VerticalTabs (tabs on left), the embedded content may not position properly.
  • Fixed Bug_0507: Concurrent file savings might lead to file corruption.

Version 4.50 SP2 [4.502] (2017-07-20)

Update for bug fixings.

  • Fixed Bug_0504: Can not remove the style or alignment of table cell in table editor.
  • Fixed Bug_0505: Specifying font in table editor doesn't take effect.

Version 4.50 SP1 [4.501] (2017-07-17)

Update for bug fixing.

  • Fixed Bug_0503: Can not switch page with PageUp/PageDown key or navigate buttons after loading the simulation (since V4.5).

Version 4.50 [4.50] (2017-07-11)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Specify the starting page of simulation
  • New Feature: new quick define action for manipulate elements.
  • Enhancement: table editing supports undo/redo.
  • Fixed Bug_501: newly added image doesn't render correctly when memory cache is enabled.
  • Fixed Bug_502: copy ImageBox in a plot and paste it to another, the image reference may not correct.

Version 4.40 SP1 [4.401] (2017-02-13)

Minor update for bug fixing.

  • Fixed Bug_500: Disabled Button gets enabled in simulation, then it should have colourful icon.

Version 4.40 [4.40] (2017-02-12)

Update for new features and some enhancements.

  • New Feature: GroupFrame becomes a container and can embed elements into it now.
  • Enhancement: Significantly improve performance
  • Enhancement: Display both opacity number and percentage in tools panel and behaviour editor.
  • Enhancement: Change icon to grayscale when button is in disabled state.

Version 4.30 SP1 [4.301] (2016-11-13)

Minor update for enhancements and bug fixings.

  • Enhancement: Allow deselecting element by clicking outside of working area.
  • Fix Bug_0497: Plot loading may hang when resource file is missing.
  • Fix Bug_0498: Error occurs when duplicating a page within a folder.
  • Fix Bug_0499: Element that embedded into collapsed tree row gets wrong Y-offset in simulation.

Version 4.30 [4.30] (2016-08-16)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: New action to set target for Reference element.
  • Enhancement: Allow setting HTML conent to table cell using action.
  • Enhancement: Color chooser will highlight the current selected color.
  • Enhancement: Better name and better positioning of duplicated page.
  • Fixed Bug_0495: Element's note is not generated into simulation, if it is placed in EVAL expression.
  • Fixed Bug_0496: Undoing page duplication may cause internal error.

Version 4.20 [4.20] (2016-04-25)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: Allow disabling any menu item by placing "#" at the beginning.
  • New Feature: New object type system property represents day of the week.
  • Enhancement: CURRENT_MONTH system property gets changed to object type.
  • Enhancement: New settings option to switch between Gaussian blur and box blur for rendering shadow.
  • Enhancement: Auto adapt plot file that contains invalid XML charactors.
  • Fixed Bug_0492: Sometimes the expression diagnose result doesn't get shown in the behavior editor.
  • Fixed Bug_0493: ComboBox element with "<" or ">" in content may break the HTML5 simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0494: Clicking on extended item of MultilevelMenu element should collapse it.

Version 4.10 [4.10] (2016-01-04)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: New LocalStorage element to access HTML5 localStorage.
  • Enhancement: Allow adding multiple images into images view at a time
  • Enhancement: Temporarily remember animation on/off preference for common actions.
  • Enhancement: After changing filling color, automatically set opacity to 255 if it was 0 before.
  • Fixed Bug_0491: The behavior generated by "Make Element Draggable..." menu item contains wrong properties in EVAL parsing mode.

Version 4.00 [4.001] (2015-10-19)

Based on V4.0 beta, includes enhancements and bug fixings.

  • Enhancement: Clear other selections when clicking on element's id instead of checkbox.
  • Enhancement: Can turn off behavior diagnose for selected rows.
  • Enhancement: Reduce CPU usage for expression verification in the background.
  • Fixed Bug_0479: Can create element out of the editing area when using "press and drag" mode.
  • Fixed Bug_0480: Inserting property via the "..." button should quote property name when EVAL parsing mode is used.
  • Fixed Bug_0481: If property name already has quote marks, will miss left quote mark when switch parsing mode from TEXT to EVAL.
  • Fixed Bug_0482: Can not set element's font size to 11, if plot's default font size is other than 11.
  • Fixed Bug_0483: If the content of Tree element contains comma, it gets slash inserted every time after editing.
  • Fixed Bug_0484: Double-clicking .4ui file in Mac OS X can not get file loaded in ForeUI V4.0 beta.
  • Fixed Bug_0485: Adding Reference element into plot causes error.
  • Fixed Bug_0486: Group members may not update their position before the plot get saved.
  • Fixed Bug_0487: The translation can not take effect locally if the target language is not in ForeUI's package.
  • Fixed Bug_0489: When exporting PDF, text may not be rendered if the element is on master page.
  • Fixed Bug_0490: The "hidden" event may be triggered by mistake when initializing table element.

Version 4.00 Beta [4.00] (2015-07-21)

Major update with many new features and enhancements

  • New UI Theme: Windows 8
  • New UI Theme: Ubuntu
  • New Feature: Use new plot file format that makes XML content smaller, cleaner and more readable.
  • New Feature: Support disabling part of behavior (for debugging purpose).
  • New Feature: Support animation for moving, resizing and showing/hidding elements.
  • New Feature: All elements can have shadow.
  • New Feature: Login on "ForeUI Connect" view to translate ForeUI's text to your language.
  • New Feature: Set the parsing mode of expression (TEXT/EVAL).
  • New Feature: Cast property to specific type, with N/S/A/O prefix.
  • New Feature: Preview expression parsing result in tooltip.
  • New Feature: New "Image Loaded" event for ImageBox element.
  • New Feature: New "Expand All" and "Collapse All" buttons in behavior editor and outline view.
  • New Feature: Every plot can override the HTML5 simulation/export settings.
  • New Feature: Attach additional files into plot, and export to HTML5 simulation.
  • Enhancement: Optimize rendering engine for faster repainting.
  • Enhancement: Significantly accelerate big plot loading.
  • Enhancement: New tools panel that can show/hide certain categories.
  • Enhancement: Improve table and tree editor layout.
  • Enhancement: New buttons in Table editor for moving rows up/down and columns left/right.
  • Enhancement: In "Manipulate Element..." window, can use property in target element's id
  • Enhancement: Mock default Javascript objects (document, location and window) for behavior diagnose.
  • Enhancement: Support JSONP proxy in "Get JSON Object" action.
  • Enhancement: Better file chooser in OS X.
  • Fixed Bug_0474: Can not specify the cursor for List element with action.
  • Fixed Bug_0475: The duration of Delay doesn't support using property in real.
  • Fixed Bug_0476: Setting the maximum value of ProgressBar to 0 causes rendering error.
  • Fixed Bug_0477: Behavior tree can not scroll to the last row if horizontal scroll bar is visible.
  • Fixed Bug_0478: Can not correctly change opacity of Ellipse/Triangle/Polygon on the fly when their default opacity is not 255.

Version 3.90 SP2 [3.902] (2015-04-03)

Minor update for some enhancements:

  • Enhancement: Use Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab to swich between opened plots.
  • Enhancement: Do not escape double quote marks between '[' and ']' in expression.
  • Enhancement: Add google chrome web browser into linux browsers list.
  • Enhancement: Adjust the table/tree editor layout, make sure usable in extreme cases.
  • Enhancement: Use better list text color within the page chooser.
  • Enhancement: Update Russian transaltion.

Version 3.90 SP1 [3.901] (2015-01-28)

Minor update for bug fixings:

  • Fixed Bug_0469: Error message that complains not able to read "launch.bat" after changing language in Mac OS.
  • Fixed Bug_0470: Importing another plot may bring wrong data that halts the page list loading.
  • Fixed Bug_0471: Can not paste image from clipboard in OS X Yosemite.
  • Fixed Bug_0472: Dragging properties window in simulation may slide to next page.
  • Fixed Bug_0473: Multiline content in table cell becomes single line in simulation (regression in V3.90).

Version 3.90 [3.90] (2014-10-21)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: Mark element "clickable" (so it changes hovering cursor shape in simulation).
  • New Feature: New "Page Unloaded" event for pages.
  • New Feature: New action to set/remove tooltip of element.
  • New Feature: New action to set combobox value dynamically.
  • Enhancement: Allow collapsing the items in behavior tree.
  • Fixed Bug_0466: Embedded element offsets right a few pixels after embedded into Window element (with Windows XP/7 UI themes).
  • Fixed Bug_0467: Using action to set value of Spinner should spin to that value, if the new value exists in the list.
  • Fixed Bug_0468: Can not double-click page event to change event type.

Version 3.80 SP5 [3.805] (2014-08-14)

Minor update for enhancements and bug fixings:

  • Enhancement: move custom CSS to header, and custom script to the end of HTML body.
  • Enhancement: recentCollapsedSection property should be updated for Accordion with single expansion.
  • Fixed Bug_0463: Previously selected custom property will be changed to string type when creating new property.
  • Fixed Bug_0464: Copy/paste elements with behavior from another plot may import incorrect reference of behaviorRoot in xml.
  • Fixed Bug_0465: Accordian section icon might get messed up if the element is imported from fce or copied from another plot.

Version 3.80 SP4 [3.804] (2014-07-16)

Minor update for bug fixings:

  • Fixed Bug_0459: Wrongly prompt new version when using non-English language.
  • Fixed Bug_0460: "Get JSON Object" stops the upcoming behavior when error happens.
  • Fixed Bug_0461: Reference element that has ImageBox as target does not work in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0462: Selecting another constom property may copy the values from current editing custom property.

Version 3.80 SP3 [3.803] (2014-07-10)

Minor update for bug fixings:

  • Fixed Bug_0455: "Load as Master Page" event is triggered before the host page is displayed, causing problem when manipulating elements in handler.
  • Fixed Bug_0456: Dynamically resizing Reference element in simulation meets Javascript error.
  • Fixed Bug_0457: Should not allow Reference element targets to another Reference element.
  • Fixed Bug_0458: Change element id after modifying the behavior content, the last modified behavor item will be hidden.

Version 3.80 SP2 [3.802] (2014-06-30)

Minor update for enhancement and bug fixings:

  • Enhancement: Updating the source of ImageBox does not need to re-create the DOM object.
  • Fixed Bug_0452: The "Set Image Source" action is not updated during the optimization of image usage.
  • Fixed Bug_0453: The "Delete Duplicated Images" option doesn't delete duplicated image after changing its reference.
  • Fixed Bug_0454: Empty ClipArt causes Javascript error in simulation.

Version 3.80 SP1 [3.801] (2014-06-24)

Minor update for enhancement and bug fixings:

  • Enhancement: Allow setting bigger value to element's row height.
  • Fixed Bug_0450: Section index is copied to section title, when duplicating action that sets the Accordion section title.
  • Fixed Bug_0451: Duplicating "Grab Value from Property" action that has not set the From/To position causes error.

Version 3.80 [3.80] (2014-06-20)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: Convert selected elements into clip art, which will be output as static image in simulation.
  • Enhancement: New option to specify an infinite loop.
  • Enhancement: Display correct diagnose result when behavior owner page is missing.
  • Fixed Bug_0445: The combination of CTRL(CMD)+W and ESC should not close the editing plot without saving.
  • Fixed Bug_0446: Switch to another application when editing the element and switch back, the element editor loses its focus.
  • Fixed Bug_0447: Assigning the array property to another property will shift all array members to the right.
  • Fixed Bug_0448: ArrowLine element may be rendered out of the plot's boundaries.
  • Fixed Bug_0449: Auto-sizing Table element should reserve space for scrollbars, if exist.

Version 3.70 SP1 [3.701] (2014-04-29)

Minor update for bug fixing:

  • Fixed Bug_0444: The auto-completion of element id in "Manipulate Element" steals the focus of input field.

Version 3.70 [3.70] (2014-04-21)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: New action to call predefined Javascript function.
  • New Feature: Change background color and opacity of basic shape via actions.
  • Enhancement: No longer need to escape quote marks in expressions.
  • Enhancement: Allow getting keyboard related system properties in non-keyboard event handler.
  • Enhancement: Auto-complete the element id input in "Manipulate Element" window.
  • Fixed Bug_0439: Array type custom property with empty value will cause script compression error.
  • Fixed Bug_0440: FOCUSED_ELEMENT_ID is not updated when switching focus by pressing the Tab key.
  • Fixed Bug_0441: RadioButtonGroup's background is rendered with incorrect opacity.
  • Fixed Bug_0442: The element chooser triggered from "Manipulate Element" window doesn't have focus.
  • Fixed Bug_0443: Set opactiy value of TextBox, the actual opacity is much smaller.

Version 3.60 [3.60] (2014-03-03)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: New action to grab value from existed property.
  • New Feature: New "Parallel Branching" flow control to support multi threading.
  • New Feature: New option to view currnet page content only in the outline view.
  • Enhancement: Significantly improve performance for table row append/insert/delete.
  • Enhancement: Optimise the speed of table content selection (in simulation).
  • Fixed Bug_0436: Auto sizing text box will trim one pixel at the bottom.
  • Fixed Bug_0437: The current page indicator in outline view is not updated after switching page.
  • Fixed Bug_0438: Move/paste/duplicate behavior item may cause partial behavior hidden in the view.

Version 3.50 [3.50] (2013-12-17)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: New elements to embed raw HTML/CSS/Javascript code into plot.
  • New Feature: New action to get remote content as string (cross domain).
  • New Feature: Support sliding screen to switch page for mobile device.
  • New Feature: Allow converting touch events to mouse events for mobile device.
  • New Feature: Specify client area color for Window element.
  • New Feature: New element properties for center coordinate (cx, cy).
  • New Feature: New "Page Scrolled" event for page.
  • New Feature: New "Content Scrolled" event for scrollable container.
  • New Feature: New CURRENT_EVENT system property for current handling event.
  • Enhancement: Improve touching experience on touch screen device.
  • Fixed Bug_0432: If table is wider than its preferred size, each editing will reduce its actual width.
  • Fixed Bug_0433: The toolbar for table editor may not be display if the table is close to the top border.
  • Fixed Bug_0434: Open plot that has page behavior, with behavior filter turned on, the page behavior is not listed by default.
  • Fixed Bug_0435: Behavior entities may be hidden, after adding event or action in behavior editor.

Version 3.40 SP1 [3.401] (2013-11-09)

Minor update for bug fixings:

  • Fixed Bug_0430: Embedding Reference element into a container that targeted by that Reference will cause dead lock.
  • Fixed Bug_0431: Loading plot shows the plot settings window, which should only be shown for newly created plot.

Version 3.40 [3.40] (2013-09-26)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: Manage UI themes (import/download/delete).
  • New Feature: Quickly define behavior to make element draggable.
  • New Feature: Holding Ctrl key and scroll mouse wheel to zoom in/out
  • New Feature: Support changing image URL via action.
  • New Feature: Support CURRENT_TIMESTAMP system property.
  • New Feature: New option to show plot configure window after creating new plot.
  • Enhancement: Improve proformance for processing huge plot file.
  • Enhancement: "Go to Page" action, choose page from list by default.
  • Fixed Bug_0428: In simulation, the popup list of ComboBox has fixed row height, despite the font size setting.
  • Fixed Bug_0429: Quick define behavior will not work if user tried to insert any property into the expression.

Version 3.30 [3.30] (2013-06-18)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: New way to quickly define simple behavior.
  • New Feature: Could specify the default text size for the plot.
  • New Feature: Default UI themes support "Mini" sub-style for Window/CheckBox/RadioButton.
  • New Feature: New property to get text length in TextBox/TextEditBox.
  • New Feature: New property to get selected text for Tree/List.
  • Enhancement: Allow show/hide text in behavior toolbar button.
  • Enhancement: Output background image to image/PDF as well.
  • Enhancement: Better diagnose on expression in behavior.
  • Fixed Bug_0419: Small image element may be clipped a few pixels on bottom in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0420: Deleting the behavior of second element may cause the filter state lost.
  • Fixed Bug_0421: Switch to different UI theme and then undo, the drop down list of UI themes does not update accordingly.
  • Fixed Bug_0422: RadioButtonGroup element ignores the default font of the plot.
  • Fixed Bug_0423: Member of muti-dimension array property could not be accessed by correct index.
  • Fixed Bug_0424: MultileveMenu element does not respect the text style formating.
  • Fixed Bug_0425: Clicking on Tree element in scrollable container could not expand/collapse its node.
  • Fixed Bug_0426: Ungroup the group embedded in container may cause group members get duplicated.
  • Fixed Bug_0427: Could not really undo the "Manipulate Element" action.

Version 3.20 SP3 [3.203] (2013-03-13)

Minor update for new language support and bug fixing:

  • New Languange: Polish language is supported.
  • Fixed Bug_0418: Set Reference element's target to a group, the group member's behavior will not take effect.

Version 3.20 SP2 [3.202] (2013-03-04)

Minor update for bug fixings:

  • Fixed Bug_0413: The selected tab of Tabs or Vertical Tabs is not highted in simulation (Windows 7 UI theme).
  • Fixed Bug_0414: Table element has transparent grid borders in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0415: Switching resource type in ForeUI store does not reset the listing offset.
  • Fixed Bug_0416: Selected tab for Tabs/Vertical Tabs is flipped when tabs are placed at bottom/right (Windows XP theme).
  • Fixed Bug_0417: Newly added item in behavior editor may be collapsed (hidden).

Version 3.20 SP1 [3.201] (2013-02-13)

Minor update for bug fixings:

  • Fixed Bug_0411: Clicking on text of Button element can not trigger "Element Clicked" event (Firefox/Opera).
  • Fixed Bug_0412: Should not allow linear fill color to contain only one color, which will cause error.

Version 3.20 [3.20] (2013-02-11)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: Supports tooltip on all elements.
  • New Feature: Allow changing the order of elements in outline view.
  • New Feature: New Selected/Unselected event for Radio/Checkbox element.
  • New Feature: New action to change text content of Button element.
  • New Feature: CTRL+G and CTRL+SHIFT+G to group/ungroup selected elements.
  • Enhancement: When multiple elements are selected, hide those tool buttons that could not be applied on multiple elements.
  • Enhancement: Show the "x" button on all tabs for opened plots.
  • Fixed Bug_0407: The last row is invisible when Images panel becomes scrollable.
  • Fixed Bug_0408: Clicking 'close' button to hide Window element and its content, elements belong to another container should not be involved.
  • Fixed Bug_0409: Invisible Group should be painted with alpha transparent in editing mode.
  • Fixed Bug_0410: In outline view, drag unselected element into container, the element may be duplicated.

Version 3.10 SP1 [3.102] (2012-12-12)

Minor update for bug fixings:

  • Fixed Bug_0404: Can not paste image from Mountain Lion system clipboard.
  • Fixed Bug_0405: Changing the font name, font size and text color for RadioButtonGroup can not take effect.
  • Fixed Bug_0406: Resize ScrollableContainer via action, its border is not resized accordingly.

Version 3.10 [3.10] (2012-12-05)

Update for new features, enhancements and bug fixings:

  • New Feature: Import another plot into current editing plot.
  • New Feature: Support background image for plot.
  • New Feature: Holding SHIFT key to draw/edit polygon can lock the moving direction.
  • New Feature: Allow caching image data in memory (avoid using file cache).
  • New Feature: New "selectedColumn" property for Table element.
  • Enhancement: Optimize performance: to be faster and smoother.
  • Enhancement: Compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
  • Enhancement: Directly input id in element chooser, content assistant is available.
  • Enhancement: Allow setting timeout for "Get JSON Object" action.
  • Enhancement: Embed font in exported PDF document if needed.
  • Fixed Bug_0393: Text in Hyperlink element can not be horizontal/vertical centered.
  • Fixed Bug_0394: Can not change the state of Radio Button Group with actions.
  • Fixed Bug_0395: In Windows 7 UI theme, the progress indicator in progress bar is not rendered correctly during simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0396: Open a plot with images in images panel, the images are still visible after closing the plot.
  • Fixed Bug_0397: When behavior is shared by multiple elements, it should be initialized after all elements are created.
  • Fixed Bug_0398: Export plot with hand drawn UI theme to PDF, the text is moved upper.
  • Fixed Bug_0399: In Mac OS X, copy/paste entities in behavior editor will also copy/paste the selected element in plot edit area.
  • Fixed Bug_0400: Disabled button can still trigger the "Element Clicked" event.
  • Fixed Bug_0401: Can not change text of hyperlink with action.
  • Fixed Bug_0402: Duplicate some actions for Accordion/ProgressBar/Slider/Spinner/Table/Tree/TextEditBox, target element ids for original action might be changed.
  • Fixed Bug_0403: ArrowLine elements may be clipped when exporting to PDF document.

Version 3.00 SP1 [3.006] (2012-10-02)

Minor update for bug fixings:

  • Fixed Bug_0384: Creating new plot always bring up tools panel.
  • Fixed Bug_0385: Resizing Triangle/Line/ArrowLine element from tools panel, the control points are not updated in editing mode.
  • Fixed Bug_0386: Undocked view may fade out when losing focus.
  • Fixed Bug_0387: After closing a plot, the content of tools panel is not updated according to the selection of new editing plot.
  • Fixed Bug_0388: Cut and paste element back, the behavior of the element will be lost.
  • Fixed Bug_0389: Draggable window element has duplicated title bar in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0390: Embedded element may not receive mouse events.
  • Fixed Bug_0391: Reference target is not updated when target element id is changed.
  • Fixed Bug_0392: If the behavior is assigned to embedded element, removing the container will not remove the behavior.

Version 3.00 Official [3.005] (2012-09-25)

Official release of ForeUI 3.0.

  • New Feature: Configurable tasks to integrate ForeUI with other tools.
  • Enhancement: New option to enable behavior to be removed/pasted with the element.
  • Enhancement: Auto save/load layout of GUI.
  • Enhancement: Do not really change current selection when picking elements for action/reference target or property owner.
  • Enhancement: When clicking on embedded element, try to select container first.
  • Enhancement: Show small flag on element that has behavior defined.
  • Enhancement: Auto scroll outline view when selection is changed.
  • Enhancement: Change "Auto hide tools panel" option to "Auto show/hide tools panel".
  • Enhancement: Tooltip for element panel should not be hidden by settings.
  • Fixed Bug_0347: The table rows added by actions can not be selected in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0370: Table header columns are not aligned with the columns of other rows when running simulation in IE/Chrome.
  • Fixed Bug_0371: Can not set multiline text into TextBox/TextEditBox via action.
  • Fixed Bug_0372: The "selectedText" property of ComboBox element includes " " if space character is present;
  • Fixed Bug_0373: After drag and drop element in outline view, the tooltip will still be shown whan hovering on the view.
  • Fixed Bug_0374: Page note is not loaded in page management panel.
  • Fixed Bug_0375: Gray scale of image does not take effect in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0376: TextEditBox is not really disabled when setting its state to "Disabled".
  • Fixed Bug_0377: The current page index is not updated when clicking "Previous Page" or "Next Page" button in ForeUI store window.
  • Fixed Bug_0378: ComboBox without decoration and background opacity will not show drow-down list in simulation, if it is stored in V2 plot or custom element.
  • Fixed Bug_0379: Invoking "Go to page" action in "Page Loaded" event handler to switch to the current page will cause infinite loop.
  • Fixed Bug_0380: Selecting item in ComboBox under Hand Drawn theme will move to next item.
  • Fixed Bug_0381: Can not add behavior note if behavior editor is undocked.
  • Fixed Bug_0382: Can not use tab key to switch focus between x, y, w, h fields in tools panel.
  • Fixed Bug_0383: Can not remove the underline style for Hyperlink element.

Version 3.00 RC [3.004] (2012-08-08)

Release candidate version of ForeUI 3.0.

  • New Feature: ForeUI store for new resources downloading.
  • New Feature: Manage elements by drag and drop in outline view.
  • New Feature: RadioButtonGroup element supports horizontal layout mode.
  • New Feature: New setting option to auto hide tools panel when no element is selected.
  • Enhancement: Improve rendering performance.
  • Enhancement: Render the elements above the current selection.
  • Enhancement: Auto adjust the Z value for newly created element, if the auto adjust feature is turned on.
  • Enhancement: Move the "reload style" button in tool pane to bottom, to avoid offseting other buttons.
  • Enhancement: Clicking on unselected Table and Tree will not change its selected item, clicking on the same item can toggle selection.
  • Enhancement: When trying to load plot file created by V2, auto backup the file in the same directory.
  • Enhancement: Clip the content that embedded into Annotation section in both editing and simulation.
  • Enhancement: Allow extracting multiple elements at a time.
  • Enhancement: Toolbar in table editor can auto wrap when table is small.
  • Enhancement: Support hidding polygon's border.
  • Enhancement: Allow editing embedded elements' location in tool pane.
  • Fixed Bug_0344: Table element in hidden page may show its lines when simulation is just loaded in IE.
  • Fixed Bug_0345: Table element does not respect the column width settings in IE simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0346: Text content of Balloon element may get out of its borders.
  • Fixed Bug_0348: Changing the background color for Tree element will change its selection color as well.
  • Fixed Bug_0349: Rectangle element's background is not clipped by rounded corners in Hand Drawing theme.
  • Fixed Bug_0350: Can not cut element into clipboard when it is embedded into container.
  • Fixed Bug_0351: Changing the value of TextEditBox element will not update its reference as well.
  • Fixed Bug_0352: If embedded element has smaller Z value than its container, keep clicking on it will select it multiple times.
  • Fixed Bug_0353: Embedding element into nested container may cause the element hidden in editor.
  • Fixed Bug_0354: Elements that embedded into ScrollableContainer has one pixel offset when being selected.
  • Fixed Bug_0355: The pasted text element may keep synchronizing the text style with the original element.
  • Fixed Bug_0356: Moving or resizing the member of nested group will not update the bounds of ancestor groups.
  • Fixed Bug_0357: The space characters in ComboBox element are trimmed in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0358: Polygon editor does not work correctly when zoom is not 100%
  • Fixed Bug_0359: The "Paste Here" command introduces incorrect offset of pasted element when zoom is not 100%
  • Fixed Bug_0360: Pick color from screen for linear gradient color, the color chooser should keep open until clicking "Finish" button.
  • Fixed Bug_0361: Selecting element in non-current page from outline view, the page will switch but selection will be cleared.
  • Fixed Bug_0362: Embedded elements can not really be hidden in outline view.
  • Fixed Bug_0363: Expand sub-menu of MutilevelMenu in simulation, the main menu may be trimmed.
  • Fixed Bug_0364: Delete behavior entity in a filtered behavior list, the deletion may fail.
  • Fixed Bug_0365: The gradient fill color preview has a little different than actual effect.
  • Fixed Bug_0366: Using relative value ("+=?", "-=?") in "Move Element" action will move embedded element to wrong location.
  • Fixed Bug_0367: Table element with opacity=0 can not show text when running simulation in non-IE browsers.
  • Fixed Bug_0368: Text alignment setting for Table element does not work in non-IE browsers.
  • Fixed Bug_0369: Save new custom element to the file for custom element that listed in element panel, the old behavior will be kept in new file.

Version 3.00 Beta3 [3.003] (2012-06-25)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New "RadioButtonGroup" element.
  • New Feature: Allow show/hide any button on toolbar in simulation.
  • New Feature: Support Russian language.
  • Enhancement: Allow showing behavior for current selection only.
  • Enhancement: The splash screen is not always on top.
  • Enhancement: Do not hide loading text before all scripts are loaded by web browser.
  • Enhancement: Set cursor to "wait" during the loading of simulation.
  • Enhancement: When drop file into welcome page, have it opened automatically.
  • Fixed Bug_0329: When loading plot created by V2, should not override the line height and pad values for MockText element.
  • Fixed Bug_0330: In simulation, menu will be hidden by clicking its item or outside area, but the "Element Hidden" event is not triggered.
  • Fixed Bug_0331: Set custom property value in simulation, should try to make data type casting when value and type are not matched.
  • Fixed Bug_0332: Switch branching case should be able to use empty string as case expression.
  • Fixed Bug_0333: Double clicking .4ui file to open ForeUI, the plot is not loaded in edit area.
  • Fixed Bug_0334: When copy/paste element, the target element ids of its action are not auto updated.
  • Fixed Bug_0335: Actions belong to elements that embedded in container are not included during copy/paste/pack custom element.
  • Fixed Bug_0336: After deleting behavior root in behavior editor, the edit/remove button should be disabled.
  • Fixed Bug_0337: Using backlash to escape brace for object type property definition, the backlash should be removed in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0338: Branch/Loop/Delay that directly followed by an action with error, may cause Javascript error in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0339: When running simulation IE9, GroupFrame element does not show its bottom border.
  • Fixed Bug_0340: The size of popup list for ComboBox with any empty row is incorrect.
  • Fixed Bug_0341: List element has mismatch between cell border and background, when running simulation in Chrome/Safari.
  • Fixed Bug_0342: The newly added tag filter button is not saved for next run.
  • Fixed Bug_0343: Behavior filter can not highlight keyword with special characters (space, quote mark etc.).

Version 3.00 Beta2 [3.002] (2012-06-10)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New HyperLink element.
  • New Feature: Allow manually attempt to release some memory.
  • New Feature: Align page on left, center and right in simulation.
  • Enhancement: Validate input parameters for action editing.
  • Enhancement: Auto detect parameter missing error in behavior editor.
  • Enhancement: Do not export action with errors.
  • Enhancement: Make sure the newly added behavior entity will be visible, clear filter when needed.
  • Fixed Bug_0321: Memory leak caused by behavior editor.
  • Fixed Bug_0322: Starting in Mac OS Lion may throw NullPointerException.
  • Fixed Bug_0323: Clicking memory usage link should go to "misc" panel in settings window.
  • Fixed Bug_0324: Calendar is not highlighted correctly if the selected day is the first day of the month.
  • Fixed Bug_0325: Embedded element can not be deleted directly.
  • Fixed Bug_0326: Changing image reference does not work correctly when image ids are discontinuous.
  • Fixed Bug_0327: Tool window has incorrect size if its content is too big.
  • Fixed Bug_0328: Simulation in Chrome or Safari: vertical scrollbar is not shown when page is higher than browser view.

Version 3.00 Beta [3.001] (2012-05-30)

New generation of ForeUI product.

  • New Feature: Use dockable window framework to manage tool views.
  • New Feature: Show toolbar in simulation, provides page navigation and property viewer.
  • New Feature: New "Reference" element.
  • New Feature: New "Polygon" element.
  • New Feature: Element's background supports linear gradient filling.
  • New Feature: Allow press the element button and then "draw" the element in working area.
  • New Feature: Manage elements by tags.
  • New Feature: Behavior editor will diagnose actions in background.
  • New Feature: One click to remove duplicated and unused images in image library.
  • New Feature: Allow changing image source of image box via action.
  • New Feature: Some elements (line, triangle, post-it etc.) support editing with control points.
  • New Feature: Show/hide element in outline view.
  • New Feature: Compress generated JavaScript.
  • New Feature: Supports array and object type custom property.
  • Enhancement: Brand new code generator, to get much better JavaScript code.
  • Enhancement: Move and Resize action accepts parameter like "+20" or "-30" to change size or location.
  • Enhancement: All elements can be resized by action.
  • Enhancement: Can define behaivor for multiple element or page at a time.
  • Enhancement: Can manipulate multiple elements at a time.
  • Enhancement: Improve expression parsing, to support unlimited nested property.
  • Enhancement: ScrollBar, Slider, ProgressBar elements become interactive.
  • Enhancement: Table element supports row header, horizontal scorll, row/column/cell select mode.
  • Enhancement: Table element supports cell content formatting.
  • Enhancement: Can select multiple embedded element for editing.
  • Enhancement: Can select text in generated PDF document.
  • Enhancement: Auto remember global properties set by action.
  • Enhancement: Scrollbar element becomes interactive in simulation.
  • Enhancement: Slider element becomes interactive in simulation.
  • Enhancement: Progressbar element becomes interactive in simulation.
  • Enhancement: ArrowLine element support horizontal and vertical mode.
  • Enhancement: Auto center page content in editing and simulation.

Version 2.810 [2.810] (2012-02-18)

Minor update V2.810:

  • Bug_0320: Copy and paste a Window or Tree element in the same plot, its embedded elements will have duplicated ids.

Version 2.809 [2.809] (2011-12-08)

Minor update V2.809:

  • Bug_0319: Can not paste image from clipboard under Mac OS X Lion.

Version 2.808 [2.808] (2011-10-27)

Minor update V2.808:

  • Bug_0317: Mac OS X: double clicking plot file to open ForeUI, the plot may not be loaded correct.
  • Bug_0318: Can not use action to append row to Table that does not have any row initially.

Version 2.807 [2.807] (2011-10-04)

Minor update V2.807:

  • Bug_0316: Elements that embeded into Table are not rendered correctly since V2.806.

Version 2.806 [2.806] (2011-10-03)

Minor update V2.806:

  • Bug_0314: Apostrophe in ComboBox element will be displayed as "'" in IE.
  • Bug_0315: Editing any node in action editor will remove its note.

Version 2.805 [2.805] (2011-09-01)

Minor update V2.805:

  • Bug_0313: Single row TextEditBox with "center" or "right" alignment does not render the text.

Version 2.804 [2.804] (2011-08-18)

Minor update V2.804:

  • Bug_0311: When performing selection, the embedded element should not enlarge the testing area of its container.
  • Bug_0312: Single row TextEditBox should not auto wrap its content in editing mode.

Version 2.803 [2.803] (2011-07-16)

Minor update V2.803:

  • Bug_0310: Select text element with non-default font, execute the cut and paste commands, the font combo box will incorrectly get focus.

Version 2.802 [2.802] (2011-06-13)

Minor update V2.802:

  • Localization: German translation update to V2.72.
  • Bug_0309: Click image in image dock, the "Use By: ? elements" information in popup menu is not correct (only current page is taken into account).

Version 2.801 [2.801] (2011-06-08)

Minor update V2.801:

  • Bug_0307: The borders of Table element in hidden page are still visible.
  • Bug_0308: Could not right drag (or CTRL+drag) Table or Tree from element list to working area.

Version 2.801 [2.801] (2011-06-08)

Minor update V2.801:

  • Bug_0307: The borders of Table element in hidden page are still visible.
  • Bug_0308: Could not right drag (or CTRL+drag) Table or Tree from element list to working area.

Version 2.80 [2.80] (2011-06-08)

New language support, new features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • Localization: Brazilian Portuguese language support.
  • New Feature: "Available_Page_Indices" and "Available_Page_Titles" system properties.
  • New Feature: "Recent Expanded Section" and "Recent Collapsed Section" properties for Accordion.
  • New Feature: "Expand Section" and "Collapse Section" actions for Accordion.
  • New Feature: "Set Tree Node Value" action for Tree.
  • New Feature: Registered user can download user manual.
  • Enhancement: Directly right drag or CTRL drag element from list into container element.
  • Enhancement: Moving/resizing elements in scrollable container become easier.
  • Enhancement: Newly created element can snap to elements or grids.
  • Enhancement: Can use property to specify the target page for "Go to Page" action.
  • Enhancement: Auto complete font selector.
  • Enhancement: Hold Shift key and start dragging, will force to enter the drag selecting mode.
  • Enhancement: Avoid exporting CSS alpha filters in DHTML if element's opacity is 100%.
  • Fixed Bug_0302: Scrollable Container can not accept any element again if all embedded elements are removed or extracted.
  • Fixed Bug_0303: Define "Set Global Property" action to set an inexistent property, then define that property in "Global Property" window. The action will not update when externally rename that property.
  • Fixed Bug_0304: Could not embed element into container that overlaps on a bigger container.
  • Fixed Bug_0305: The property in "row" or "column" field of "Set Table Cell Value" action is not updated when the property is renamed.
  • Fixed Bug_0306: Can not drag custom element from category to working area in Mac OS (V2.70+).

Version 2.77 [2.77] (2011-05-09)

New languages support, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • Localization: French language support.
  • Localization: Spanish language support.
  • Enhancement: Hold Control key to drag and embed element into container.
  • Enhancement: Keep the embedded element's position when newly embedded.
  • Bug_0300: Table's initial selection offsets one row in simulation (since V2.72).
  • Bug_0301: Image dock's scrollable area does not match its content.

Version 2.75 [2.75] (2011-04-20)

New feature, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: "Set Section Title" action for Accordion.
  • New Feature: "Section Titles" property for Accordion.
  • New Feature: "Index of First Expanded Section" property for Accordion.
  • Enhancement: Show "x" button on the tab for current editing plot.
  • Enhancement: Add menu item in "File" menu for closing current plot.
  • Enhancement: Allow turn off the instructional tooltips.
  • Bug_0297: When List/Menu/MenuBar/Tabs/VerticalTabs/Tree/ComboBox has no selected row, its "selectedIndex" property value should be 0 instead of -1 in simulation.
  • Bug_0298: MenuBar with "Element Clicked" event handler meets error in simulation if "Selection Changed" event is not handled.
  • Bug_0299: Embedded ComboBox has no selectedText property value until explicitly select an item.

Version 2.72 [2.72] (2011-03-31)

New feature, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New actions for Table (insert/append/delete row)
  • New Feature: New properties for Table (row/column count)
  • New Feature: New properties for Accordion (section count, expanded flags)
  • New Feature: New "Note" property for all elements.
  • New Feature: New "Loaded as Master Page" event for pages.
  • New Feature: New "Section Expanded/Collapsed" event for Accordion.
  • Enhancement: Parse properties in the indices of Table cell value array.
  • Bug_0295: Reduce the height of a table row and make it smaller than the default value, the change could not take effect in simulation.
  • Bug_0296: When Table has no selected row, its "selectedIndex" property value should be 0 instead of -1 in simulation.

Version 2.70 [2.70] (2011-03-14)

New feature, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New Accordion element.
  • Enhancement: The 'Set Table Cell Value' action supports properties in row and column index.
  • Bug_0286: For button with icon only, turn on the 'underline' decoration, then error happens and current action will halt.
  • Bug_0287: If table's actual row height is different than default value, the alternate color filling is incorrect in Hand Drawing, Windows XP and Windows 7 themes.
  • Bug_0288: Hide the default icons for tree element, the icons are still visible in simulation.
  • Bug_0289: Lock the position of the element and unselect it, the element become invisible if you drag it.
  • Bug_0290: Can not directly click specific regions of element to change selection if zoom ratio is not 100%. (Tree, Table, Tabs, VerticalTabs and MultilevelMenu)
  • Bug_0291: Hold SHIFT to resize element with aspect locked, the aspect is not accurate when any snap action is performed.
  • Bug_0292: Select user-defined category in 'Manage Category' window, all buttons hover on element in the category are not clickable until restarting ForeUI.
  • Bug_0293: Add custom element with duplicated name, should update its reference in the list instead of adding new reference.
  • Bug_0294: In image dock, if the image ids are not sequential, dragging image to plot may not work correctly.

Version 2.67 [2.67] (2011-02-22)

New feature and enhancements.

  • New Feature: Can input note for any entity of actions (event, flow control or action).
  • Enhancement: Support multirow note for element.
  • Enhancement: Allow selecting previous/next entity with UP/Down arrow in action editor.
  • Enhancement: Show warnning message if the plot to load does not exist.

Version 2.653 [2.653] (2011-01-21)

Minor update V2.653 fixes bugs:

  • Bug_0283: Select a member of embedded group, then select the group from the "Path" link, the group can not be deleted or cut.
  • Bug_0284: Elements that on top of the current selected content is painted under the selection (V2.62-V2.652).
  • Bug_0285: Action indicator (small red flag) is not painted correctly when scale ratio is not 100%.

Version 2.652 [2.652] (2011-01-12)

Minor update V2.652 fixes bugs:

  • Bug_0278: Can not use '$' character in text parameter of branchings or actions.
  • Bug_0279: Select a group member, then select the group from the "Path" link, the group can not be fully deleted or cut.
  • Bug_0280: Insert a table column/row, the old column/row on right/down become "auto" width/height (except the last one).
  • Bug_0281: Resize the plot, elements in plot are repainted with incorrect size.
  • Bug_0282: Inserted JPEG files are exported as (much bigger) PNG files in simulation.

Version 2.651 [2.651] (2011-01-10)

Minor update V2.651 fixes bug:

  • Bug_0277: "Mouse Out" event can not be triggered in FireFox in V2.65.

Version 2.65 [2.65] (2011-01-10)

The first release in Year 2011.

  • New Feature: Support animated GIF (for ImageBox, MultiLevelMenu, Tree and Window elements in simulation).
  • New Feature: "Set Window Title" action for Window element.
  • New Feature: "Set Focus" action for TextEditBox and Spinner elements.
  • Enhancement: Show image button on floating tool pane for MultilevelMenu element.
  • Enhancement: Enable hotkeys for cut/copy/paste/delete on embedded element.
  • Bug_0271: "Mouse Out" event for Multileve Menu is triggered when mouse is hovering on the element.
  • Bug_0272: The delay value in "Pause a while" window should be selected by default.
  • Bug_0273: Can not start selecting from above of plot.
  • Bug_0274: The title of Window element does not respect the default font settings.
  • Bug_0275: Table column become wider in simulation.
  • Bug_0276: Table column widths should be synchronized in edit/view modes.

Version 2.62 [2.62] (2010-12-20)

New Features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Window element becomes container.
  • New Feature: New option to show/hide the handles beside root node in tree.
  • New Feature: New option to show/hide default icons in tree.
  • New Feature: Hold SHIFT to move element, restrict the vertical/horizontal direction.
  • Enhancement: Freely move elements within the container.
  • Enhancement: Allow cut/copy/paste/delete embedded element.
  • Enhancement: Can start selecting from outside of plot editing area.
  • Enhancement: paint small expand/collapse button for tree nodes in HandDrawing theme.
  • Enhancement: paint (optional) lines for tree in HandDrawing and Mac OS X themes.
  • Enhancement: improve rendering performance.
  • Bug_0264: Embed Tree into scrollable container, Tree text become white. (IE only)
  • Bug_0265: Table does not layout properly in simulation if column widths conflict with table width.
  • Bug_0266: Change the padding values of ScrollableContainer, then select its embedded element. The embedded element is in wrong location.
  • Bug_0268: Double clicking Balloon or Post-It element can not bring out the inline editor when zoom is not 100%.
  • Bug_0269: Select an embedded element and define action for it, the selected embedded element is not show in element chooser.
  • Bug_0270: Embedded element that has smaller Z value than its container can not be selected in element chooser.

Version 2.601 [2.601] (2010-12-15)

Minor update V2.601 fixes bug:

  • Bug_0267: Default font of newly created plot is set to "Arial", even the default font in global settings is specified.

Version 2.60 [2.60] (2010-12-06)

New Features, enhancements and bug fixing.

  • New Feature: Enhanced Tree Element
    • Works as container element.
    • Become interactive element in simulation.
    • Brand new inline tree editor with two editing modes
    • Allow specify row height respectively
    • Can collapse certain tree nodes
    • Expand/collapse row in editing mode
    • Select row in editing mode
  • New Feature: "Focus Gain" and "Focus Lost" events for TextEditBox element
  • Enhancement: Allow selecting row of Table element in editing mode.
  • Enhancement: Show what's new in version checking result.
  • Bug_0262: Should ignore embedded elements when selecting elements with add/minus mode (SHIFT/CTRL pressed)
  • Bug_0263: Text Lable element will be enlarged after content editing.

Version 2.571 [2.571] (2010-11-22)

Minor update V2.571 fixes bug:

  • Bug_0261: The decoration of ComboBox can not be fully hidden in Windows XP UI theme.

Version 2.57 [2.57] (2010-11-22)

New Features, enhancements and many bug fixing.

  • New Feature: Show/Hide the decoration of combobox element.
  • Enhancement: Remove the boundaries of inline editor (more space for tool buttons).
  • Enhancement: Improved Table Editor:
    • Free editing mode
    • Press ENTER or F2 to start grid editing
    • Press TAB or Ctrl+ENTER to stop grid editing
  • Enhancement: When show up the text editor, select the editing text by default.
  • Enhancement: Do not close id editing dialog when previous input is not accepted.
  • Enhancement: Do not auto backup the plot until it is modified.
  • Enhancement: Remove the auto saved file when manual save is finished.
  • Enhancement: Prompt user to open the auto saved file when loading the original.
  • Bug_0251: Sometimes the cut command can not be undone.
  • Bug_0252: The floating tool pane for Arrow Line element is not shown from V2.47
  • Bug_0253: Move category up or down in the category management window, the tool buttons is not shown when mouse hovering on the custom element.
  • Bug_0254: Editing members in group will reset the Z value of the group.
  • Bug_0255: When dragging the embedded element within its container, should ignore the "Auto Adjust Z Value" option.
  • Bug_0257: The spinner control in floating tool pane is not activated when focus is gained via TAB key.
  • Bug_0258: The spinner to adjust border thickness should not be shown when border is not painted.
  • Bug_0259: Text box element with thick border has incorrect vertical alignment.
  • Bug_0260: Text box element with thick border will be enlarged in simulation.

Version 2.55 [2.55] (2010-11-08)

New Features, enhancements and bug fixing.

  • New Feature: Search for element by various conditions.
  • Enhancement: Updater supports proxy.
  • Enhancement: Use toggle button to show/hide the tool window.
  • Enhancement: Auto insert the current file name (if exist) in the "Save As" dialog.
  • Bug_0250: Image box with small size (e.g.15x15) may be distorted when running simulation in IE.

Version 2.52 [2.52] (2010-10-25)

New Features, enhancements and bug fixing.

  • New Feature: Show/hide the 4 borders of rectangle respectively.
  • New Feature: Memory usage monitor and configuration.
  • New Feature: Auto backup the editing plot.
  • New Feature: New element property to identify the visibility in simulation.
  • Enhancement: Adjust the position of "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons for Mac OS X.
  • Enhancement: Use system look and feel by default in Mac OS X.
  • Enhancement: Do not show action indicator (small red flag) on embedded element that is hidden by container.
  • Enhancement: Remember the file chooser view type.
  • Bug_0249: Tabs element has incorrect hotspots in "Mac OS X" theme (under editing mode).

Version 2.50 [2.50] (2010-10-11)

Introduce brand new updater, fix 3 bugs.

  • New Feature: ForeUI updater is available (auto download and install update package).
  • Bug_0246: The exported DHTML does not respect the ImageBox's background color and opacity.
  • Bug_0247: If an ImageBox is embedded into Tabs, it can not be displayed in the exported DHTML.
  • Bug_0248: Copy selected element(s) into clipboard and paste into Microsoft Word, the transparent background is black.

Version 2.47 [2.47] (2010-09-27)

New Features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Copy image from external application and paste into ForeUI.
  • New Feature: Copy content from ForeUI and paste as image into external application.
  • New Feature: Drag image file from desktop or external directory into editing area of ForeUI.
  • New Feature: Drag image file from desktop or external directory into image dock of ForeUI.
  • New Feature: Drag plot file into editing area or plot tabs to open it.
  • New Feature: Allow using properties to parameterize loop/pause action.
  • New Feature: Can specify the target window of "Visit URL" action.
  • New Feature: Dynamically change ImageBox size with actions.
  • New Feature: Allow specify default font for each plot.
  • Enhancement: DHTML export: reduce redundant image files for ImageBox elements.
  • Enhancement: Improve image dock rendering performance.
  • Enhancement: Allow moving element out of the plot bounds.
  • Enhancement: Auto add backslash before " or ' when editing message of User Decision branching and Show Message action.
  • Enhancement: Generate log files to user's directory.
  • Bug_0240: Line and Arrow Line elements can not be displayed in V2.45
  • Bug_0241: Right-clicking element which is placed over a container (to bring out context menu), the element should not be embedded.
  • Bug_0242: Text element editor does not select all editable content when show up in V2.45.
  • Bug_0243: Move embeded element to upper/lower layer, may duplicate the element.
  • Bug_0244: If custom element contains embedded element, creating multiple instances of the custom element may cause duplicated ids.
  • Bug_0245: Sometimes the element id in action expression is not replaced correctly when doing copy/paste or creating custom element instance.

Version 2.45 [2.45] (2010-09-13)

Enhancements and bug fixings.

  • Enhancement: Merge the script files for elements into the "elements.js" file.
  • Enhancement: Merge the image files for different states of element into one file.
  • Enhancement: Avoid tool windows cover newly popup window/menu/editor.
  • Enhancement: Hide all tool windows when minimizing the main window.
  • Enhancement: Better algorithm for id generation.
  • Enhancement: Validate path before saving the plot file.
  • Enhancement: Highlight the editable part of id when element id editor window shown up.
  • Enhancement: Avoid using negtive z value in editing phase.
  • Enhancement: Allow setting z value for embedded element.
  • Bug_0236: Double clicking embedded element can not open its editor.
  • Bug_0237: Disabled Spinner element should not be able to spin.
  • Bug_0238: Can not disable Tabs/Vertical Tabs element in simulation.
  • Bug_0239: Button text is not correctly align with icon when icon is on top/bottom of text, and text width is less than icon, and using center alignment.

Version 2.42 [2.42] (2010-08-30)

New features and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Import elements from external .fcl file into "Custom Element" category
  • New Feature: Import elements from external directory into "Custom Element" category
  • New Feature: Clear listed elements from "Custom Elements" category
  • New Feature: Export listed element from "Custom Elements" category to .fcl file
  • New Feature: Allow importing elements from .fcl file to user created category
  • New Feature: Support "Change Size" action for scrollable container.
  • Bug_0230: Can not export plot to images with command line if the plot contains element group. (V2.40 only)
  • Bug_0231: Use arrow keys to move embedded element, the wrapper group is not updated as well.
  • Bug_0232: Copy element and paste into different pages in the same plot, the location of element should not be changed.
  • Bug_0233: Embedded element may be positioned incorrectly at the first time that launch the simulation.
  • Bug_0234: Embed two or more ComboBox elements into Tabs container and then run simulation, only the first ComboBox has correct position.
  • Bug_0235: Embed ComboBox element into Scrollable Container, the ComboBox's popup should be displayed over the container.

Version 2.40 [2.40] (2010-08-16)

New features, enchancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Display path links to ease the selection of container and embedded element.
  • New Feature: Allow moving member within element group.
  • New Feature: Allow adding member to existing element group.
  • New Feature: Allow extracting member from existing element group.
  • Enhancement: Auto grouping multi-selected elements before embedding into non-group container.
  • Enhancement: Can embed element into nested container.
  • Bug_0223: "Manage Categories" window (not pinned) will be hidden time by time if floating tool pane is translucent.
  • Bug_0224: Multiple instances of custom element may have duplicated ids for embedded element.
  • Bug_0225: Element is not valid after being embedded into ScrollableContainer, until moving the container a bit.
  • Bug_0226: Copy a Tabs (or Vertical Tabs) element that contains image elements, then paste it to another plot, the images are not migrated to the plot.
  • Bug_0227: Can not click to switch tab in edit area for Tabs or Vertical Tabs if they are embedded.
  • Bug_0228: Element chooser: select an embedded element, then select a non-embedded element, the embeded element should be unselected.
  • Bug_0229: Newly created, unsaved plot can not use the display controller to show/hide elements.

Version 2.37 [2.37] (2010-07-16)

New features and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Tabs and Vertical Tabs can work as container.
  • New Feature: Tabs and Vertical Tabs become interactive in editing mode.
  • New Feature: Tabs, Vertical Tabs and Scrollable container support content paddings.
  • New Feature: List embedded elements in Element Selector dialog.
  • New Feature: Support changing value of Spinner with action.
  • Bug_0221: Clicking the "ok" button to close inline editor for any element, hotkeys can not work for this plot.
  • Bug_0222: Copy and paste any element, then right click the empty area of the plot, the context menu for page is now shown.

Version 2.35 [2.35] (2010-07-05)

New features and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Spinner element becomes interactive.
  • New Feature: New "value" element property for Spinner element.
  • New Feature: New "selectedText" element property for ComboBox element.
  • New Hotkeys:
    • Ctrl+W (Command+W in Mac OS) to close current editing plot.
    • Ctrl+I (Command+I in Mac OS) to show/hide image dock.
    • Ctrl+L (Command+L in Mac OS) to show/hide display controller.
    • Ctrl+E (Command+E in Mac OS) to show/hide element selector.
    • Ctrl+G (Command+G in Mac OS) to show/hide global property manager.
    • Enter or F2 to start editing the selected element.
  • Bug_0214: Some hotkeys (PageUp, PageDown, Left/Right/Up/Down etc.) do not work if any element editor is opened in another plot tab.
  • Bug_0215: Table Editor: the highlighted table cell should not accept newly input content without double clicking the cell (JRE 6 only).
  • Bug_0216: Dragging LineChart, BarChart or PieChart element to the editing area, no semi-transparent preview is displayed.
  • Bug_0217: Table element is not using "Comic Sans MS" as the default font in "Hand Drawing" UI theme.
  • Bug_0218: Wrong page titles in Slid Show when using excluded folders.
  • Bug_0219: Error happens when selecting the last item and then remove the item. (exist in list, tree, menu, menu bar and tabs)
  • Bug_0220: Should allow specifying icon of Vertical Tabs in the floating tool pane.

Version 2.32 [2.32] (2010-06-21)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New Scrollable Container element.
  • New Feature: Can show/hide each rounded corner of Rectangle element.
  • Enhancement: Holding right mouse key to drag elements can ignore the snap system.
  • Enhancement: Pressing the region out side of the plot can clear the current selection.
  • Bug_0206: Can not select group member if the position of group is locked.
  • Bug_0207: Select an embedded element and move mouse over its border, the cursor should change to suggest resizing.
  • Bug_0208: Can not select embedded element if the zoom ratio is not 100%.
  • Bug_0209: Dragging embedded element should not move the container element.
  • Bug_0210: Vertical aligned text label element with mutirow content has wrong layout in editing mode.
  • Bug_0211: Pressing the "Auto Sizing" button for text label element, the size should be calculated according to current element width.
  • Bug_0212: Custom element with 45x45 size takes 100x100 space in the element categories.
  • Bug_0213: Set text with contains continuous spaces to Text Label in simulation, only one space will take effect.

Version 2.30 [2.30] (2010-06-07)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Redesign the resource view of community window, includes:
    • Run simulation for plot and custom element in web browser.
    • Vote resource up with single click.
    • Leave comment directly in the community window.
    • List more resources in a page.
    • Show number of downloads, votes and comments.
    • Sort resources by time, downloads, votes or comments.
  • New Feature: New editor for TextBox element, which allows changing width.
  • Enhancement: Adjust the arithmetic for embedded element selection: make sure every elements can be selected.
  • Enhancement: Content editing has higher priority than member selection when double clicking member in group.
  • Enhancement: Allow adding batch of .fce files into "Custom Element" category a time.
  • Enhancement: When export DHTML to non-empty directory, explicitly ask whether to clean up before exporting. Will only clean up the "images", "scripts" and "styles" folders with confirmation.
  • Bug_0142: Table element can not layout "incomplete" row properly in simulation.
  • Bug_0200: Line element with thickness > 1 will be trimmed in simulation.
  • Bug_0201: The sub menu width of Multilevel Menu is not properly calculated if default font is set to "Verdana".
  • Bug_0202: When copy and paste nodes in behavior editor, the newly pasted node is collapsed by default. (regression in V2.27)
  • Bug_0203: Text editor does not reflect the bold or italic style of the editing text element.

Version 2.27 [2.27] (2010-05-24)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New "Mutilevel Menu" element.
  • New Feature: Can change content margin for Button element.
  • Enhancement: Do not auto expand tree nodes in the pages management window.
  • Enhancement: When manipulating the behavior tree, only expand the nodes that are modified.
  • Bug_0196: Duplicate page with table that contains multiple embedded elements, some embedded elements may disappear. (re-fixed)
  • Bug_0197: Table edit: clear content for all cells and press ok, the application may hang.
  • Bug_0198: Can not change the state of TextBox with action during the simulation.

Version 2.25 [2.25] (2010-05-10)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Smart focusing after zoom in/out.
  • New Feature: Append new row/column in table editor.
  • New Feature: Proxy settings for internet access.
  • Enhancement: When try to export DHTML to existed directory, clean the directory first.
  • Enhancement: Add "Extract from Container" option in context menu for embedded element.
  • Enhancement: Auto resize table after embedding element (If the "auto sizing" option is on).
  • Enhancement: When resizing the table, only the column with "auto" width should be scaled.
  • Bug_0188: Table cell with comma will be splited into two cells.
  • Bug_0189: "Element Clicked" event is not triggered when clicking the table row. (regression in V2.22)
  • Bug_0190: Do nothing in table editor and press ok button, the table is marked as "modified" (while actually it is not).
  • Bug_0191: Table element may contain broken reference to deleted element, which cause error in DHTML generation.
  • Bug_0192: Rename embedded element will make it dispear from the container.
  • Bug_0193: Hand drawing theme should respect the background color of button element.
  • Bug_0194: The action indicator (red flag) on Table element is not clickable (regression in V2.22)
  • Bug_0195: Should not resize table after editing if "auto resizing option" is off, or preferred size is not bigger than current size.
  • Bug_0196: Duplicate page with table that contains multiple embedded elements, some embedded elements may dispear.

Version 2.22 [2.22] (2010-04-26)

A major milestone that introduce the nesting mechanism.

  • New Feature: Allow embedding elements into Table element.
  • New Feature: Brand new table editor which provides these new features:
    • Row height and column width editing.
    • Row and column add/delete.
    • Move/delete mmbedded element within the table cell.
    • Specify cell alignment respectively
  • New Feature: Support selecting a member in group, or embedded element within table.
  • New Hotkeys:
    • Ctrl Plus(numpad): Zoom In
    • Ctrl Minus(numpad): Zoom Out
  • Bug_0185: Line element can not be rendered correctly in IE if the element width or height less than 20.
  • Bug_0186: Should not hide the text editor when clicking its semitransparent border.
  • Bug_0187: In Mac OS, press CMD+R to launch simulation. When return to the application, the element selecting is not working properly.

Version 2.20 [2.20] (2010-04-12)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Zoom in or zoom out the editing view.
  • New Hotkeys:
    • Ctrl =: Zoom In (Cmd = in Mac)
    • Ctrl -: Zoom Out (Cmd - in Mac)
    • Ctrl 1: Zoom to 100% (Cmd 1 in Mac)
    • Ctrl 2: Zoom to 200% (Cmd 2 in Mac)
    • Ctrl 3: Zoom to 300% (Cmd 3 in Mac)
    • Ctrl 4: Zoom to 400% (Cmd 4 in Mac)
    • Ctrl 5: Zoom to 50% (Cmd 5 in Mac)
  • Enhancement: Allow text editor to exceed the plot editing area.
  • Enhancement: Ajust the text positioning for all text elements.
  • Enhancement: Do not bring the progress window to top when exporting in progress.
  • Enhancement: Show warning message when trying to load a plot created by higher version.
  • Enhancement: Smartly update the custom event name during copy/paste if it contains element id.
  • Bug_0180: Set the date of Calendar element to the last day of the month, all buttons after the date will be filled incorrectly.
  • Bug_0181: Arrow Line element is not rendered properly in simulation.
  • Bug_0182: TextBox with initial invisible state can not really become visible via "Change Visibility" action.
  • Bug_0183: Add custom element to user-defined element category and restart the software, the category will be lost.
  • Bug_0184: "Set Global Cursor" action does not work for Rectangle and some other elements since V2.17.

Version 2.17 [2.17] (2010-03-29)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Support icon in tabs and vertical tabs element.
  • New Feature: Allow changing tab height for tabs and vertical tabs elements.
  • New Feature: New (global) MouseMove, MouseDown and MouseUp events for drag and drop simulation support.
  • New Feature: New "Current_Cursor_X" and "Current_Cursor_Y" global properties.
  • New Feature: New "Key Up" event.
  • Enhancement: Allow editing custom element content in new tab.
  • Enhancement: Support copying/pasting hex color value in color picker.
  • Enhancement: Commit data when page title and page note edit field lose its focus.
  • Enhancement: Show error message when pressing Ctrl+D to call action editor for a selected group.
  • Enhancement: List recent plot files in "File" menu.
  • Enhancement: Can configure the maximum number of recent file records.
  • Enhancement: Change the menu structure for Mac OS.
  • Enhancement: Change some menu hotkeys for Mac OS.
    • SHIFT+CMD+Y: Slide Show
    • SHIFT+CMD+Z: Redo
    • SHIFT+CMD+S: Save As
    • CMD+Q: Quit ForeUI
  • Bug_0166: TextBox element can not restore visibility after hidden by its container.
  • Bug_0167: Press ENTER after changing plot size in plot configure window, the window is closed but the changed is discarded. (Mac OS only)
  • Bug_0168: Can not add image that smaller than 10x10 into image dock (while the minimum image size should be 5x5).
  • Bug_0169: Modification will be lost if saving on a read-only plot file, no message is shown.
  • Bug_0170: Use ComboBox to switch page, the popup list will not be hidden automatically in IE.
  • Bug_0171: The selection of popup list in ComboBox should be cleared after hiding the popup list.
  • Bug_0172: In Mac OS X, after closing the about dialog in ForeUI menu, another "V1.00" about dialog will pop up.
  • Bug_0173: Saved .fce file contains inconsistent page id.
  • Bug_0174: Element categories with small button will not update its style when UI theme is changed.
  • Bug_0175: Input file name without ".4ui" suffix for new plot file, the recent file history will save an incomplete record.
  • Bug_0176: After clicking the "Ok" button in settings window, it always ask for restarting ForeUI, even there is nothing changed.
  • Bug_0177: The thumbnail for newly added or loaded custom element can not be updated when UI theme is changed.
  • Bug_0178: The scrollable range in element category is too big when displaying small element buttons.
  • Bug_0179: The scrollable range in element category is not updated after a filter keyword is entered.

Version 2.15 [2.15] (2010-03-15)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: German language supported.
  • New Feature: Use shift + arrow keys to nudge element with a major grid.
  • New Feature: Support icon in menu bar.
  • New Feature: New "Element Initialized" event.
  • New Feature: New "Current_Page_Title" global property.
  • New Feature: Allow changing workspace location.
  • Enhancement: Right-clicking item in action editor will select the item before showing context menu.
  • Enhancement: Remember the recently used case type in Switch Branching editing.
  • Enhancement: Exported DHTML can auto fit the screen width when loaded in web browser on mobile phone.
  • Enhancement: Set property action supports setting numeric value.
  • Enhancement: Add a button for custom element creation in floating tool pane.
  • Bug_0160: Temporary folders for elements in user defined category is not removed from workspace after closing ForeUI.
  • Bug_0161: Modify the action for group member, the modification will be discarded after moving the group.
  • Bug_0162: Renaming the custom global property should also update them in expression.
  • Bug_0163: The properties in the message of User Decision Branching are not updated when properties are renamed.
  • Bug_0164: Select an element that supports image, drag an image from image dock to the element, the floating tool pane should be restored after releasing the mouse.
  • Bug_0165: Change icon command for Tree/List/Menu can not undo correctly.

Version 2.12 [2.12] (2010-03-01)

Minor update with many bug fixings.

  • Bug_0146: If a folder is nested under a page, it can not be removed.
  • Bug_0147: There is a delay when start drag selecting.
  • Bug_0148: The height of Calendar header is significantly reduced in simulation if the calendar is big.
  • Bug_0149: Double-click the image in group can not change its image source.
  • Bug_0150: Group member A covers B, B may be hidden if A is set to invisible in simulation.
  • Bug_0151: Can not get the specific cell value of table in simulation.
  • Bug_0152: Empty table body can not be painted in simulation.
  • Bug_0153: When dragging window element that contains element group, the group members can not be moved correctly.
  • Bug_0154: The entired Window element are draggable in simulation, it should be limited to header only.
  • Bug_0155: Select a group and press Ctrl+D, that allows adding behavior to group (which should be disabled).
  • Bug_0156: Should not allow deleting the page if all other pages are nested under it.
  • Bug_0157: If page B is nested under page A, remove page A, then undo will meet error.
  • Bug_0158: "Change State" action is not listed for TextEditBox element.
  • Bug_0159: Invisible element in group should be painted semi-transparently in design phase.

Version 2.10 [2.10] (2010-02-10)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New "Key Down" event for keyboard event processing.
  • New Feature: New "Current_Key_Code" system property for identifying the current pressed key.
  • New Feature: New "Ctrl_Key_State" system property to identify if the CTRL key is pressed.
  • New Feature: New "Alt_Key_State" system property to identify if the ALT key is pressed.
  • New Feature: New "Shift_Key_State" system property to identify if the SHIFT key is pressed.
  • New Feature: New "Focused_Element_Id" system property to retrive the id of element that has focus.
  • New Feature: New element property to represent the id of element.
  • New Feature: Text label element supports border and vertical alignment.
  • New Feature: Access image/DHTML export feature via command line.
  • Enhancement: Switch page in simulation, do not hide current page if the target page does not exist.
  • Enhancement: Shows multiple menu items to launch action editor if right click on multiple elements.
  • Enhancement: Make text content in Table element unselectable for FF, Chrome and Opera.
  • Enhancement: Tool windows can be resized.
  • Enhancement: Allow reseting all parameters in settings window.
  • Enhancement: Allow renaming custom event.
  • Bug_0139: Single row Table with header cause error in simulation.
  • Bug_0140: The "Auto resize element after editing its content" option does not take effect when adding image into button.
  • Bug_0141: Copying page allocates duplicated element ids.
  • Bug_0143: Copy element that contains "Switch Page" action and paste it to new plot, the new plot will contain the old plot data.
  • Bug_0144: Mutirow, encrypt text edit box can not be properly auto resized.
  • Bug_0145: The tree view in page management window may become too narrow if any page has a long title.

Version 2.05 [2.05] (2010-02-01)

Minor update, includes some enhancements and bug fixings.

  • Enhancement: Multi-selection support in action editor.
  • Enhancement: Show author name in resource listing view.
  • Bug_0133: V1.xx plot that contains conditional branchings may not be loaded in V2.0
  • Bug_0134: Loading rectangle element with width=20 or height=20 in V1.xx plot file, the rectangle will be resized.
  • Bug_0135: Create several instances of same custom element, move the newly created element, its action will be messed up.
  • Bug_0136: Single row table (without header) shows nothing in simulation.
  • Bug_0138: Custom event (and its child nodes) can not be pasted.

Version 2.00 [2.00] (2010-01-25)

A milestone of ForeUI product, major upgrade.

  • New Feature: New "Windows 7" UI theme for prototyping.
  • New Feature: Integrate with ForeUI user community web site.
  • New Feature: Element category management (show/hide/add/edit/remove category).
  • New Feature: Tree structured page management: support drag and drop.
  • New Feature: Support global properties for interaction definition.
  • New Feature: Support add/trigger custom events for actions reusage.
  • New Feature: Display settings for toolbar icon, toolbar text, action flag and element button size.
  • New Feature: Table element supports "Table Cell Values" property.
  • New Feature: New placeholder element.
  • Enhancement: Table content should not be wrapped, unless '\n' is used.
  • Enhancement: When inputing the target element id, the id list should include ids for group members.
  • Enhancement: Property chooser also allow inputing element id directely.
  • Enhancement: Add page navigation buttons on bottom tool bar.
  • Enhancement: Improved some dialogs UI (page management, plot configure, element selector etc.)
  • Enhancement: Avoid selecting text within table body by double-clicking in the simulation.
  • Enhancement: "Show Message" action can do optional calculation within the message.
  • Enhancement: Allow specifying the loop interval in behavior editor.
  • Enhancement: Adjust the title position for window element.
  • Enhancement: Rectangle, ellipse, triangle and placeholder support line stye (solid, dashed, dot).
  • Bug_0126: The table element with spaces in content will be shows as "&nbsp..." when export html more than one time.
  • Bug_0127: If one row of table element contains less columns than other rows, error occur when exporting to html.
  • Bug_0128: Post commands list is disabled by default, even the post commands are enabled.
  • Bug_0129: ComboBox element can not contain "<", ">" sysmbols.
  • Bug_0130: Delete a master page may cause the page manage window crash.
  • Bug_0131: Page management window should be closed when the plot is closed.
  • Bug_0132: The window icon and title is not aligned well when title contains parenthesis.

Version 1.90 [1.90] (2009-12-28)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Table element supports content scrolling
  • New Feature: Allow setting table cell alignment separately with "<", "=" and ">" at the beginning of text.
  • New Feature: New "Set Cell Value" action for table element.
  • New Feature: Table/List/Tree/Tabs/VerticalTabs elements support "Set Selected Index" action.
  • New Feature: Input the action target element id directly.
  • New Feature: Invoke post commands after DHTML exporting.
  • Enhancement: Avoid selecting header of table element in edit mode.
  • Enhancement: Press Backspace to delete element for non-Mac system.
  • Fixed Bug_0120: Main window may be hidden when click the action button on page management window.
  • Fixed Bug_0122: Calendar element is not displayed correctly in FireFox.
  • Fixed Bug_0123: Tabs/VertcialTabs/Tree/List/Table elements should invoke the handler for "Selection Changed" event when default selection is changed.
  • Fixed Bug_0124: Sometimes Page Up/Down can not switch page in simulation after clicking some element.
  • Fixed Bug_0125: List/Tree element without selected item is not painted correctly in simulation.

Version 1.85 [1.85] (2009-12-14)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New vertical tabs element.
  • New Feature: Page manage window and element selector window can be pinned and keep opened.
  • Enhancement: ComboBox supports "Selected Index" property.
  • Enhancement: ComboBox supports "Selection Changed" event.
  • Enhancement: ComboBox supports "Set Selected Index" action.
  • Enhancement: Ctrl+Click to bring up context menu in Mac.
  • Enhancement: Command+Click to remove element from selection in Mac.
  • Enhancement: Store last modify time in .4ui and .fce files for future usage.
  • Fixed Bug_0117: Page name editing should be stopped when closing the page manage window.
  • Fixed Bug_0118: Page information in status bar is not correct if switching page in "Page Loaded" event handler.
  • Fixed Bug_0119: Empty tab in Tabs element can not be selected in simulation

Version 1.80 [1.80] (2009-11-30)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New "Mouse Over" event for all elements.
  • New Feature: New "Mouse Out" event for all elements.
  • Enhancement: ComboBox becomes interactive in simulation.
  • Enhancement: The default state of radio button and check box changed to "Normal".
  • Fixed Bug_0114: Can not add more cases after defining the switch branching.
  • Fixed Bug_0115: The "Element Clicked" event should also be fired when clicking on the Menu element.
  • Fixed Bug_0116: Should not allow changing plot via Undo/Redo when editing element content.

Version 1.77 [1.77] (2009-11-19)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New arrow line element.
  • New Feature: Specify color of table/list/tree alternate row.
  • Enhancement: Color picker can clear editing color.
  • Fixed Bug_0111: Double-click the .4ui file to open ForeUI, sometimes it may hang.
  • Fixed Bug_0112: The group element can not be smaller than 20x20, ignoring its content's actual size.
  • Fixed Bug_0113: Press Page Up/Down to switch page should not scroll the plot as well.

Version 1.75 [1.75] (2009-11-09)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Handy element selector: tree structure + filter.
    • List elements in tree structure by type
    • Allow filtering the tree with keyword
  • New Feature: double-click image element to choose image.
  • Enhancement: Store image export settings in configure file.
  • Enhancement: Avoid launching multiple instances of application (Windows).
  • Fixed Bug_0110: Can not turn off Auto Resizing behavior on elements in group.

Version 1.72 [1.72] (2009-11-02)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New pie chart element
  • New Feature: New option to set default font of text element
  • Enhancement: Allow turn on/off the auto resizing after element content editing.
  • Enhancement: Post-It should be left-aligned by default.
  • Enhancement: Allow setting element's exact opacity value.
  • Fixed Bug_0106: Post-It element has no content margins.
  • Fixed Bug_0107: Switch branching with numeric cases does not work in FF/Chrome.
  • Fixed Bug_0108: The default font of text element changed in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0109: Once select the font for element, can not change it back to font.

Version 1.70 [1.70] (2009-10-26)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New bar chart element.
  • New Feature: New switch flow control for behavior editing.
  • New Feature: Drag and drop support in behavior editor.
  • New Feature: Context menu that provides cut/copy/paste commands in behavior editor.
  • Enhancement: Press Shift to lock aspect ratio when resizing
  • Enhancement: Avoid moving element just after the selecting.
  • Enhancement: Some new hotkeys:
    • ESC to close the text editor
    • ESC to close page manage window
    • Ctrl+X (CMD+X in Mac) to cut node in behavior editor
    • Ctrl+C (CMD+C in Mac) to copy node in behavior editor
    • Ctrl+V (CMD+V in Mac) to paste node in behavior editor
  • Fixed Bug_0101: The background of element chooser should be fully filled with plot's background color
  • Fixed Bug_0102: Some buttons in text editor are hidden when using Windows' native look and feel.
  • Fixed Bug_0103: Item with spaces in MenuBar element is not highlighted correctly.
  • Fixed Bug_0104: Element default font should be the same with the tool's default font.
  • Fixed Bug_0105: Group members' z values are ignored in simulation.

Version 1.65 [1.65] (2009-10-12)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New "Line Chart" element.
  • New Feature: New option to use page title in the image file name.
  • New Feature: Allow setting the scrolling property of iframe element.
  • New Feature: Some new hotkeys:
    • PageUp or PageDown (Fn + Up or Down in Mac) to switch page in edit mode.
    • CTRL + Left or Right (CMD + Left or Right in Mac) to switch selection in edit mode.
    • DELETE (BACKSPACE in Mac) to delete entity in behavior dialog.
    • ESC to close popup window.
    • CTRL + D (CMD + D in Mac) to open behavior dialog.
  • Enhancement: Show page title on bottom-left corner in edit mode.
  • Enhancement: Text edit box has no text content by default.
  • Enhancement: Change the minimum size of image element to 5x5
  • Enhancement: Move workspace, customized and plot folders to the preferred directory.
  • Fixed Bug_0099: TextEditBox element lists some actions that are not implemented yet.
  • Fixed Bug_0100: IFrame element should have thicker border in hand drawing theme.

Version 1.60 [1.60] (2009-09-28)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: New iFrame & Web Browser Elements
  • New Feature: New "Element Hidden" and "Window Closed" events.
  • New Feature: Add note on page (can be exported to PDF as page footer).
  • New Feature: New "Set System Cursor" Action.
  • New Feature: New "Change Size" Action for text box element.
  • New Feature: New "Change Opacity" Action for text box element.
  • New Feature: New "Change Background Color" Action for text box element.
  • New Feature: New "Change Text Color" Action for text box element.
  • Enhancement: Allow manipulating elements on master page from other pages.
  • Enhancement: TextEditBox element does not paint the caret by default.
  • Enhancement: Smarter id allocation.
  • Enhancement: Show page title in the browser status bar.
  • Enhancement: Allow turn on/off the z value auto adjustment when overlapping elements.
  • Fixed Bug_0093: The actions on page level is not updated when involved element id is changed.
  • Fixed Bug_0094: The element id "A_B_C" is regarded as "A_B" when trying to edit the id.
  • Fixed Bug_0095: JS exception when click on Table/List/Tree/Menu/Tabs that has no "Selection Changed" event handler.
  • Fixed Bug_0096: Copy & paste multiple elements, the element id in actions are not mapped correctly.
  • Fixed Bug_0097: "Page Loaded" event handler is invoked twice.
  • Fixed Bug_0098: The master page background is not updated immediately when switching the UI theme.

Version 1.57 [1.57] (2009-09-17)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Window dragging can be turned on/off (default off).
  • New Feature: Allow getting text label value during the simulation.
  • New Feature: Opacity settings for invisible element and master page.
  • Enhancement: Associate .4ui file with ForeUI in Mac OS X.
  • Enhancement: Make some GUI tuning for Mac OS X.
  • Fixed Bug_0088: Duplicated page may have repeated element ids for same kind of elements.
  • Fixed Bug_0089: Tabs element has no default selected index value in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0090: Progress bar freezes when trying to save customized element.
  • Fixed Bug_0091: After dragging image from image dock to replace the image on element, the cursor can not restore.
  • Fixed Bug_0092: Invisible element on window element is shown when window is close.

Version 1.55 [1.55] (2009-09-09)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Nested master page supported.
  • New Feature: Display and edit element id in tool pane.
  • New Feature: Remember the behavior editor window size.
  • Enhancement: Window element become interactive (draggable, close button works).
  • Enhancement: Window title bar can have its icon.
  • Enhancement: Improve the way to generated element id and simplify the id format.
  • Enhancement: Allow changing the group z-index.
  • Enhancement: Move configure date to preference folder.
  • Enhancement: Change GroupFrame minimun size to 20x20.
  • Enhancement: Support smaller calendar (minimum size to 120x120).
  • Fixed Bug_0085: "Selected & Disabled" radio button or checkbox gets enabled on hover.
  • Fixed Bug_0086: Should ignore elements with lower z-index when move or show/hide element with "Include elements within the area" option.
  • Fixed Bug_0087: Go to page action on first page loaded does not work.

Version 1.51 [1.51] (2009-08-21)

Quick update for bug fixings.

  • Fixed Bug_0083: The tree in action editing dialog is not rendered correctly in non-EaSynth look and feel.
  • Fixed Bug_0084: The Ctrl+V will make pasting two times.

Version 1.50 [1.50] (2009-08-21)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Support customized element library.
  • New Feature: Allow hiding the Text Edit Box border.
  • New Feature: Support right click event.
  • New Feature: User preferences settings.
  • Enhancement: Add cut/copy/paste/delete items to edit menu.
  • Enhancement: The plot property bar on bottom will become scrollable when window isn't wide enough.
  • Enhancement: Behavior editor toolbar will become scrollable when dialog isn't wide enough.
  • Fixed Bug_0074: The thumbnail of customized element with single component will be too tall.
  • Fixed Bug_0079: Text label has extra margin in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0080: Incorrect text margin of Text Edit Box in simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0081: PDF export: Generate 2 pages PDF for single page plot.
  • Fixed Bug_0082: Change the state of non-selectable element will cause JS exception during simulation.

Version 1.45 [1.45] (2009-08-07)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Brand-new calendar element.
  • New Feature: Eye dropper tool in color picker.
  • New Feature: Clickable indicator for elements that has defined actions.
  • New Feature: Rectangle element supports rounded corners now.
  • New Feature: Rectangle, ellipse and triangle elements support border color.
  • New Feature: Rectangle, ellipse and triangle elements support border thickness.
  • New Feature: Allow handling events on page level.
  • New Customized Element: Date Picker
  • Enhancement: Go to Page action can find correct target when pages are re-ordered.
  • Enhancement: The minimal height of Tabs element is the same with its title height.
  • Fixed Bug_0075: Need to re-license the tool after update.
  • Fixed Bug_0076: Icons in List, Menu and Tree element can not be saved in customized element.
  • Fixed Bug_0077: Element chooser for action creation should select the current page by default.
  • Fixed Bug_0078: Pause action in loop does not work.

Version 1.40 [1.40] (2009-07-24)

Enhancements for Mac users.

  • Enhancement: Improve the experience in Mac.
    • Put menus into the desktop menu bar.
    • Replace CTRL to CMD in hotkeys.
    • Use BackSpace key to delete element.
    • Provide .dmg disk image (.app file inside) for download
  • Enhancement: Directly access web browser in JRE5.
  • Enhancement: Auto unify the format of boolean value when editing expression.

Version 1.37 [1.37] (2009-07-20)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Display control for editing.
  • Enhancement: Menu Bar/Tabs/Table can escape the comma in content.
  • Enhancement: UI theme switching can take effect without pressing "Apply" button.
  • Fixed Bug_0073: Copy / Paste element does not update its behavior correctly.

Version 1.35 [1.35] (2009-07-13)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Icon placement for Button element.
  • New Feature: SelectionChanged event available.
  • Enhancement: Menu Bar supports interaction.
  • Enhancement: Menu supports interaction.
  • Enhancement: List supports interaction.
  • Enhancement: Tree supports interaction.
  • Enhancement: Table supports interaction.
  • Enhancement: Tabs supports interaction.
  • Enhancement: Preloads images before launching simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0068: Duplicated pages don't copy action targets well
  • Fixed Bug_0072: Hand drawing theme: Image elements are always grayscale.

Version 1.32 [1.32] (2009-07-08)

Enhancement, new customized element and bug fixings.

  • Enhancement: Transparent background for hand drawing theme.
  • New Customized Element: Vertical layout button.
  • Fixed Bug_0065: Transparent GIF image are not painted correctly.
  • Fixed Bug_0066: The spaces at the beginning are not rendered on the plot.
  • Fixed Bug_0067: The font is not exported to DHTML in V1.30
  • Fixed Bug_0070: Image Export: choose existed file and change the name doesn't make sense.
  • Fixed Bug_0071: Hand drawing theme: Tabs should have different color when disabled.

Version 1.30 [1.30] (2009-06-29)

New UI theme, new features, enhancement and bug fixings.

  • New UI Theme: Hand drawing UI theme available.
  • New Feature: Allow inputting the z-index of element directly.
  • Enhancement: Exporting the rumple effect to DHTML.
  • Enhancement: Auto check new versions when startup.
  • Fixed Bug_0063: The text label collapses spaces when simulating.
  • Fixed Bug_0064: After dragging the opacity slider, too may opacity records in undo history.

Version 1.27 [1.27] (2009-06-23)

New element and bug fixings.

  • New Customized Element: Placeholder.
  • Fixed Bug_0057: Text label is on incorrect location during simulation.
  • Fixed Bug_0058: The file "website_simulation.4ui" and "installer_simulation.4ui" can not be loaded.
  • Fixed Bug_0059: Too many css files are used, it will meet problem when simulating in IE.
  • Fixed Bug_0061: The conditional loop is not really stopped when condition is not satisfied.
  • Fixed Bug_0062: The text label ignore the line break when simulating.

Version 1.25 [1.25] (2009-06-15)

New features, enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Support loop in workflow simulation.
  • New Customized Element: Hyperlink.
  • New Customized Element: Title Text.
  • New Customized Element: Radio Button Group.
  • Enhancement: Simplify the action editing process.
  • Fixed Bug_0052: Create customized element with a group, the behavior on members can not work (lost target).
  • Fixed Bug_0054: Should show customized elements in "All Elements" category
  • Fixed Bug_0055: Inserted property should replace the current selection in expression.
  • Fixed Bug_0056: Canceling element selection should recover the previous selection.

Version 1.22 [1.22] (2009-06-09)

Minor update for new features and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Dynamically change the text of label supported.
  • New Feature: Allow setting select state of multiple check boxes within a group.
  • New Feature: Allow unselecting sibling radio buttons within a group when selecting on of them.
  • Fixed Bug_0048: Double click customized element to add, some elements are moved to incorrect location.
  • Fixed Bug_0049: Double click customized element to add, new elements should be selected.
  • Fixed Bug_0050: The color of text label should be changed when it is disabled.
  • Fixed Bug_0051: The action to change Text Edit Box value should support multi line editing.

Version 1.20 [1.20] (2009-05-29)

A milestone of ForeUI product, added many important features, implement some enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Interactive simulation on web browser.
  • New Feature: User customized element supported.
  • New Feature: Export prototype to DHTML.
  • New Feature: Allow adding note to element.
  • New Feature: All elements support visible property.
  • New Feature: Text edit box support multi row property and encrypt property.
  • Enhancement: allow closing the page management dialog by clicking the plot area.
  • Fixed Bug_0044: Save plot file may meet exception.
  • Fixed Bug_0045: Caret display incorrect when text edit box is empty.
  • Fixed Bug_0046: Changing UI theme should affect all pages.
  • Fixed Bug_0047: Without copying first, cut an element then undo the action, exception will occur.

Version 1.10 [1.10] (2009-05-17)

Add new features, implement some enhancements and bug fixings.

  • New Feature: Slide show for UI prototype.
  • New Feature: Export to PDF file.
  • New Feature: Elements support multiple states
  • Enhancement: Add progress window for all IO actions.
  • Enhancement: Toolbar will become scrollable if the window is not wide enough.
  • Fixed Bug_0042: Pages list should auto-scroll to make new added item visible
  • Fixed Bug_0043: Plot with empty page can not save

Version 1.07 [1.07] (2009-05-13)

Add new features.

  • New Feature: Support exporting multiple pages as images.
  • New Feature: Support new exporting formats: JPG, GIF, BMP and WBMP
  • New Feature: Add triangle element
  • New Feature: Allow pressing CTRL+ENTER to finish multi row text editing.

Version 1.05 [1.05] (2009-05-07)

Fixed some bugs and added new features.

  • New Feature: Support multiple pages within a plot.
  • New Feature: Perform update checking from menu.
  • Fixed Bug_0030: The text editor may be trimmed.
  • Fixed Bug_0037: Floating tool pane may cover the selected elements.
  • Fixed Bug_0038: Image id display incorrect in floating tool pane.
  • Fixed Bug_0040: Elements should be aligned to the lead selection.

Version 1.02 [1.02] (2009-04-30)

Bug fixing version.

  • Fixed Bug_0033: List, Menu, Table and Tree change text with the copied object together.
  • Fixed Bug_0034: Specify an image to a button, undo the action, then button text contains "[img-1]".
  • Fixed Bug_0035: Copy and paste actions may not be undo/redo in some cases.
  • Fixed Bug_0036: Edit text of element within a group, click empty area to stop, some error messages in log file.

Version 1.00 [1.00] (2009-04-27)

First officially released version. Fixed some bugs and added new features.