Hi there, I have a very basic question. I just downloaded the evaluation version today. I do not have much coding experience, but want to use this to create a prototype to give to my engineers and potential partners.

Creating the elements is easy enough, but I’m having a VERY difficult time with understanding the basics of how to create different interactions. Is there a master list of commands somewhere so I can learn?

I guess in general my question is: do I need to ALREADY know javascript to enable the interactions? For example, I was trying to figure out how to make different things appear with each tab (which, btw, it should be the *default* position that selecting a tab makes different things appear, but anyway….)….

….so I finally found in the forum that I need to write “Branch according to “[tabs_1.selectedIndex]” …but how was I supposed to know that *this* is what I had to write? I just spent about 3 hours going through the blog, the (frustratingly un-detailed) “document”, etc. and can’t find this.

I guess what I’m saying is that, if we don’t already know these javascript commands, where can I learn them OR what tool will let me build a prototype WITHOUT this knowledge? I’m thinking about using justinmind. Any suggestions?

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And I do apologize if this tool was intended for people who already have significant technical knowledge and I missed that somewhere!

Thanks for any suggestions for alternative products to try. I am mystified in these boards when I see the response as something like, “Oh, just type in “Branch according to “[combobox_CarType.selectedIndex”]”.


Hi Amy,

First of all, you don’t need to know JavaScript before using ForeUI.

The “commands” you mentioned are actually not JavaScript commands, instead they are properties of element. You can use them in any input field that has a “…” button aside. After clicking the “…” button, you can pick an element and then all supported properties will be listed for you. So in most cases you don’t have to write the expressions like “[tabs_1.selectedIndex]”… Because ForeUI will generate them after you select a property.

Using tabs to show/hide certain elements are quite easy now: just RIGHT drag elements into tabs and it is set. The solution you mentioned is for old version, so you don’t need to do that.

Defining interaction in ForeUI just like making a flow chart to handle specific event. Choose event, make branching if needed, do certain actions… The process is intuitive.

We are working on the new document, which will be online in a few days. In the new document, you will find the complete reference for element, event, property, flow control, actions etc.


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