When undocking for instance the Tools area it fades out after a few seconds until you either click on the title bar or give focus to one of the input fields.

Could you please add the possibility to turn this fade-out effect off in the Settings?

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Hi Ulrich,

I just tried and I didn’t see any fading out of the tool pane. It seems like a render perforamce issue. However I tried all our testing machines and none of them can reproduce this. I doubt there is software confliction in your system to slow down the Java application, though I am not sure for that.


Here’s a screenshot:

It happens when

1) I select an element

2) Click somewhere in the Tools area

3) Move the mouse outside the Tools area


I use Java Version 1.7.0_05 by the way.


Hi Ulrich,

I could not reproduce it by following your steps.

Could you try it with Java 1.6? We haven’t test ForeUI in Java 1.7 yet.


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