Alternate Fill Color for List, Table etc doesn’t seem to work properly, and is applied even when no Alt Fill Color specified.

To replicate:

1. Add element

2. Change element Fill Color, alternative rows are colored differently, even when Alt Fill Color is not specified.

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It is a designed behavior.
When the alt fill color is not specified, the actual alt fill color will be decided by the current UI theme. You can switch the UI theme and you will see the alt row will be filled with different colors.


Hey, how did I miss this in the documentation?! 😉

No problem, I’ll just make both Fill and Alt the same.


I can’t make the first row/item in a Table, Tree, or List have the same colour as other items.

Example: Set Fill Color and Alt Fill Color = White, the first line will always be gray


Ignore this, obviously it is due to being the selected item…


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