Do you have a pre-packaged combo box control that provides an autocomplete drop down based on the initial characters typed?

I suspect it might be possible to script such a thing, but it’s beyond me.

I do think combo boxes with built-in autocomplete are becoming fairly universal these days on the web and in apps.

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Hello, I think you mean the text input box with auto-complete assistance. Maybe you already noticed the ComboBox element in ForeUI doesn’t accept typing text yet, so it is quite far from what you need.

I think with the facilities provided by ForeUI, it is possible to custom a TextEditBox element, which has the auto complete assistance. You may need to handle the keyboard event for the TextEditBox and make a popup visible. In order to fully manage the popup content, you may use a Table element as the popup, since you can dynamically add/remove the content of a Table.

However, this is not that easy. I agree with you that text input box with auto-complete assistance is so popular today, and should become a built-in feature. We will consider adding it as a new element. Meanwhile, we might be able to provide it as a functional custom element in ForeUI store.


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