I’ve tried to make sort of a global delay that I could easily change without having to change the “Pause a while” action every where I want to simulate that the system is working.

So I created a custom event called WaitX which only contains a “Pause 2000 miliseconds” action.

BUT when I trigger the WaitX custom event, it has no effect. The actions that are placed after the custom event are not waiting for the pause action.

Is that intended?

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Yes that is a designed behavior.

You can take a look at this:…

The pause action will delay the action after it, but must within the same event handler. So a custom event handler with just one pause action will do nothing at all…

Of course there are some work around to achieve your expect, but not very simple:

Define the custom event handler like this:

Then trigger the custom event in this way:

Click the button, and you will see the “done” message popup after 2 seconds.


Ok, thanks! I’ll take a look at your work around.


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