I’d like to simulate a table containing element which can be opened in a dialog by double-clicking a row.

My problem is that I cannot figure out how to use double-click in a table. The conditonal branching only works with “Selection Changed” and not with e.g. “Element Double-clicked”.

Opening an element (going to another page) can be done by single-clicking on a row (using “Selection Changed”), but it’s not really Windows standard to opens things in a list by single-click.

Could it somehow be possible to combine “Element Double-Clicked” and “Selecttion Changed”?

I’m sorry that I’m “bombarding” your forum…

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The conditonal branching works with “Element Double-clicked” event. Yet there is scripting bug: if you have not define the “Selection Changed” event handler, the page will meet js error when you click on the table. Some browser will ignore this but some may not, we’ll fix this bug in the next version. Meanwhile you can define an empty handler for the “Selection Changed” event to work around this.


Your work-around works, thanks!


And V1.60 has fixed this Bug_0095.


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