Element properties window to show Element name in window title (e.g. EditText, Table, etc.)

Right now the title is always “Selected Element” and it’s not very handy when clicking into a complex library. The actual element name is in the “Properties” window just below “Text:” but it’s not distinguished in no way (same font, size and color).

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Hi dimitar, since ForeUI supports multiple selection, we do not place element type in the title. However all elements have the “id” field, so you can easily find the element type from the prefix of its id.


Well, there are 2 issues with “id”:
1. It’s not emphasized in no way (no different font, size, color, weight), not to mention it changes its Y position in window depending on the type of the element selected
2. “id” can be renamed for different purposes and if wireframe is complicated, same problem arises in time

Maybe you can dd another field in the properties window which is the actual element type (and if possible to be in different font, size, etc.) and in case it’s a multiple selection to show the “id” of the selection.

I think this could be much better than as it is now. Might be just me, but I have major issues clicking around my wireframes for different projects and trying to recall what on Earth I was using for different wireframe parts


Hi dimitar, the “Id”, “Action” and “Note” fields are always at the bottom of the window, and the “Id” and “Note” fields have the underline (while other fields do not have). It should be quite easy to find them.

Although the “Id” can be renamed, its prefix will never be changed. You can always find the “TextBox_” prefix for a TextBox element, which identify it is a TextBox element.

People’s opinion may vary, let’s keep this thread open. If others have the same requirement, they will vote this thread up and we may follow up latter. Thanks for your suggestion anyway.


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