I want to use jQuery/AJAX to reload data to apart of web page(not put F5 to refresh).

However the format and appearance of ForeUI (such as list element)usually changes to default html style.

What can I do?  Would ForeUI update dynamically?

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Staff March 31, 2016

ForeUI can update element content dynamically, if you use the action provided by the element. For example, there is a “Set Table Cell Value” action for Table element to update the content for every cell. 


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If you use the action the element provides, ForeUI can dynamically update the content of the element. 

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Am I the only one having some problem with jQuery/AJAX lately?

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 The format and appearance of ForeUI (such as list element)usually changes to default html style. | gutter cleaning auckland


Have you already tried to identify the specific part of the webpage where you want to reload the data? r value of drywall thinks this could be a div element or any other container element with a unique identifier.


Washington says that to dynamically reload data into a specific part of a web page without refreshing the entire page, you can indeed use jQuery and AJAX. However, the appearance of elements generated by ForeUI may revert to the default HTML style when reloading the data.


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