Image element not showing the options to select image file in v 4.00 beta. This was working earlier but has suddenly stop working.




Ameet M

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Staff September 15, 2015

Hi Ameet,

Did you see this button in the tools panel?

If you see the “Image” category but there is nothing inside, maybe you collapsed the category accidentally. If that is the case, you can click the small triangle on the left of the category name (“Image”) to expand it again.



Hello ViVi

I have checked the category is expanded. But when when i click on it does not open the dialog to choose the image file with options to choose from library or from computer etc.


Ameet M


Staff September 15, 2015

Can you send us the log file for checking? You can find the log files in “<UserDir>/.foreui/log” directory, where <UserDir> is the your system user home directory. You can send to support [at]


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