I know that i can completely turn off the toolbar, but i need the bottom navigation.

Also i have paid money for that software, so i think it’s unfair to advertise your logo on each of my prototypes

Is there a way to REMOVE or REPLACE it with my own logo?

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We clearly stated the differences between trial and registered version, and hiding this logo is not promised. So I don’t see how unfair it is.

Anyway, ForeUI provides “Script”, “Html” and “Css” elements, which allows you to do almost anything.

To hide the ForeUI logo in the toolbar, just add a Script element into the plot and add this code into it:

setTimeout(function() {

$(“.toolbar img[src$=’foreui_logo.gif’]”).hide();

}, 200);

As we stated in the document, the “Script”, “Html” and “Css” elements are reserved for advanced users who knows about web development. So please make sure you understand how it will work before using it. The usage of these elements are not related to ForeUI usage, so we would not provide support for that.


Well, u’re just using jQuery to hide that logo = it’s workaround and i have to add it every time i create a new plot. Won’t you add an option within GUI to disable/replace the logo with my own?


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