I have purchased a ForeUI license via PayPal over 24 hours ago, but so far have not received the license key nor any other kind communication acknowledging my purchase, despite having emailed to both and .

PayPal shows the transaction as being complete, so I do not understand what might be the cause of the delay.

Is it perhaps a public holiday in China? Is the company still in business?

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Staff July 12, 2016

Hi Hephaestus, your license key has been automatically sent to m** Please kindly check your mailbox, and also check the spam folder if necessary.

Meanwhile we also resent your license key to your Gmail address.

For unknown reason, we have not received any email from you. If you want to email us again, please try using a different email address. Thank you.

  1. Thank you very much. Thanks also for helping me discover that my "primary" PayPal email address was not what I thought it was. (I thought I had changed it years ago! Fixed now...)Not certain why messages sent from my Gmail account haven't reached you, but your emails to that account seem to have arrived just fine.Looking forward to getting started. I really like the product!

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