Dear easynth.

I’m on v2 and do want to upgrade to v3.

But i’ve been buying buying licensed software and components for 12 years and have never had to pay full price for upgrades. Where is the recognition for the $$$ we have already spent? It was $10 for v1 -> v2.

You could charge more than that for v2 -> v3, 30-40% of full price seems to be about industry norm.

By not offering discounted upgrades ForeUI possibly becomes a more expensive option in the long term than alternative products, and it doesn’t endear you to existing customers who like to be rewarded for their loyalty.

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Hi Tim,

The price is for subscribing the software upgrade, and also for the permanent usage of the versions released within that year (your license key can always work with those versions). We are charging the money for our on-going work on the product.

You are right that it is better to give existing customers certain discount. We will consider to do so in the future. You can subscribe our newsletter to get informed.


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