Could you please make the following changes?:

– The default value of the radio button element should be “Normal”. Reason: When inserting radio buttons, you usually insert more than one, and the majority – if not all – of the radio buttons will be unselected.

– The default value of the checkbox element should be “Normal”. Reason: Same as above. However, the “issue” is not as big for checkboxes.

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You may be right, specially on the radio button aspect. It seems that the unselected radio button is more frequently used. As for the check box, I think the possibility to use checked or unchecked one is just half-half.

Making this change is not very difficult from technical view, however we’d like to consider the cases more thoroughly, to avoid bringing conflicts to existed plot files.

  1. That's fair enough.

We’ve made this enhancement in V1.80


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