It would be very usefull for many simulations to implement a possibility of saving and loading table data in/from a file!

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Hi Aurel, thanks for the suggestion.

Did you mean import/export table data in editing mode? We have received similar suggestions long time ago:……

However our task list is so long and keeps growing, we almost forget this feature request. Since you vote up this idea again, we will adjust the priority and hope we will do it soon.


I have written some php scripts that I use now for saving and importing data with MySQL using JSON objects. Now I think it would be great to have some standardized elements for database interaction, say, for example, query and insert elements.


So you mean the ability to store data on server side. We have ever considered this feature. The problem is, ForeUI simulation is a client side application, it has to invoke some scripts on server side to manipulate the database. Support invoking JSON API is an attempt for this.

If we provide a “standard” element to access database, we should also provide the scripts (may be PHP, ASP, JSP etc.) on server side to deploy (so they could understand each other). There is still a long way to go, but we should say it is possible.


I could share a php script to retrieve data: it is returning JSON with variable number of database tables, fields, filters and limit settings (offset and number of records).


Hi Aurel,

Thanks for the willing to share! Your script may give us some ideas. Could you send your script to Thanks.


Hi, ViVi!

Just have sent the script



I just came across the great idea on this thread. Was this ever added to the ForeUI functionality?

  1. Hi Ben, ForeUI's plot is running locally so it can only talks to the server via URL, and you will still need to develop your server side application to get the functionality.

    ForeUI provides the "Get JSON Object" and "Get Remote Content" actions, which allows your plot (in HTML5 simulation) to talk to the remote server, thus saving and loading data for table is possible. This blog post may help: <a href="; rel="nofollow"></a>

Loading data is working well through the existing JSONP-API.

You can modify your JSON-Service on the server side (php) by wrapping the JSON data like this:

echo $_GET[‘callback’] . ‘(‘ . $data . ‘)’;


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